deckedout000004By: Danielle M. Walters

Monaco-based company Wally Yachts has created a nautical masterpiece with the 118 Wallypower. Technology and design come together to form this high performance megayacht. The aerodynamic lines that form the exterior are not only visually striking, but make the Wallypower one of the fastest yachts on the market. It’s no wonder that the Wallypower was the only boat featured in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s architecture and design exhibition, “Glamour: Fabricating Affluence.”

One of the most unique features of the Wallypower is the effect of its reflective hull. The green-gray color of the hull transforms into a metallic mirror that reflects every curve of the water. This mirror-like effect adds a distinctive aura to the Wallypower as it glides through the water.

The black glass superstructure that houses the cockpit allows privacy without stunting the magnificent view. Behind the cockpit, there is a salon that includes a pop-up dining table seating up to twelve, and a stylish seating area with sliding chairs. Designed to give the impression of a New York loft, accents of white cushions and teak floors offer the sophistication of modern minimalist design. The best part about this layout is that it can be modified to fit the occasion, whether it is elegant dining or sunbathing. Sections of the bulwarks alongside the salon can collapse to broaden the view and create a stunning sunlit interior.

The Wallypower’s inside-outside concept extends the comfortable salon to the rear deck. Large glass sliding doors can open at the back of the superstructure and movable seating can be arranged on the rear deck. A teak walkway pulls the space together and emphasizes the geometric lines of the design. Another adaptable feature is an aft sliding gangway that protrudes from the stern to serve as a passerelle when fully extended or as a swimming ladder when folded.

While the upper deck boasts a superb space for socializing, down below offers a more intimate set-up. The owner’s suite includes a king bed, double ensuites and a flatscreen television. Two additional guestrooms offer queen beds and private ensuites. The Wallypower can house up to six guests and six crew members. A fully operational kitchen is also located below deck.

Aside from being a visual spectacle of contemporary design, the Wallypower is a benchmark of technical excellence. The angular design is built to handle speeds as fast as 60 knots (70 mph). A superior propulsion system includes three gas turbines that each drive a Rolls-Royce Kamewa water jet and can generate 16,800 HP. Developed by the official supplier of the Swedish Navy, the exhaust system features titanium exhausts that provide resistance to the high temperature and cool the gas turbines with seawater.

Wally Yachts has become the world’s leading builder of advanced composite large yachts. The company has revolutionized the industry with the Wallypower yacht line. Wally Yachts has produced only one of the 118 Wallypower, which resides in the Mediterranean. It is currently for sale and priced at 15 million euros. There’s no doubt that with its sleek exterior and stunning speed, the 118 Wallypower is at the vanguard of modern nautical design.