The Sizzling Star of Television’s Hottest Zip Code
By Jesse Stirling / Photography by Richard Hume
Stylist: Toni Ferrara / Assistant Stylists: Carla Pallares and Brynn Herberer
Makeup: Gregory Arlt / Hair: Stephen Mason / Location: Smashbox Studios

BHL_AnnaLynne_1021_5fAt just 23 years old, AnnaLynne McCord has played a wide range of vixen-type roles in the movies and on TV. From the scheming Eden Lord on Nip/Tuck to the anti-heroine Naomi Clark on 90210, this young starlet simply oozes sex appeal. Last year AnnaLynne was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, named by the “Look to the Stars” organization as “one of the strongest young female philanthropists standing up for the charities she believes in,” and honored as “Hollywood Life Young Superstar of Tomorrow.” At this exact moment in time, she is sitting in a make-up chair in a studio in Los Angeles, channeling Bridget Bardot for our cover shoot, transforming her look with sultry perfection. “Of all people, I get to pay homage to my hair icon, Bridget Bardot!” exclaims AnnaLynne.

As we launch into the interview, AnnaLynne finds the lighting in the studio too hot and removes her top. Maintaining eye contact suddenly becomes a challenge. With a smoldering smile and a confidence well beyond her years, she leans forward and quotes Marilyn Monroe: “You can sell a kiss for a thousand dollars and your soul for 50 cents.” AnnaLynne continues: “There’s a lot of pain behind that quote. I’ll sell my kisses, of course, but my soul you’ll never get. This town can do things to people. My mom didn’t want me to move to L.A. at first, because love of money, fame and power will lead you astray. You’ve got to find a deeper purpose.”

“What is my purpose? Why am I here?” muses AnnaLynne. “Through pursuing my selfish dream of being a movie star, I discovered my real happiness is being an activist for human rights. My passion project is fighting human trafficking. I have a voice now to speak out on a national and international scale on behalf of these children who are voiceless. Different causes pull at different heartstrings, and this terrible epidemic of human trafficking and teenage prostitution just breaks my heart. I challenge my peers to do more. Young Hollywood needs to step up. You can guilt people, and make them feel bad, but when someone finds that purpose inside themselves… you experience something you never thought you would experience.”

BHL_AnnaLynne_0397_5fIn Conversation with AnnaLynne McCord:

CHILDHOOD: I was a quiet observer as a youngster, now I’m a loud mouth.

GROWING UP: When I was nine I started doing little community productions in Atlanta. I was homeschooled, and graduated with honors at 15.

EARLY CAREER: I moved to Miami at 15 and got into modeling. A few months later I moved to New York, was there for 3 years, then off to LA at 18. Needless to say it was a good move.

FAMILY SUPPORT: At times, my whole family wasn’t behind my acting career. I was always a rebel – a rebel with a cause. Now they are fully on the bandwagon and support me.

AMBITION: I’m the stereotypical, “Look at me! I’m the actress!” middle child. I’ve wanted to be a movie star since I was nine years old.

HER BIG BREAK: Nip/Tuck is a show watched by many people in the entertainment industry. After my season on that show I got more respect walking into a room and meeting a casting director.

OVERCOMING THE VIXEN STEREOTYPE: I’m not evil, I’m not a psychopath, and I don’t poison people like my characters do – I’m just a good actor.

STYLE: My personal sense of style varies a lot. One day I might be flirty in a sundress, and that night unapproachable in a leather corset. I’m not defined by one specific trend.

BHL_AnnaLynne_0209_5fFASHION ADVICE. Know your body type. Just because it’s in style doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

EDUCATION: I am obsessed with education. When I was a kid, my parents would take away my schoolbooks as discipline.

THE COST OF FAME: In my old place, paps (paparazzi) would literally sit outside my door. Now I know certain streets to avoid. If I want to get hummus at Newsroom Cafe on Robertson, prepare to get photographed.
HER MISSION: Help victims of sexual abuse.

CELEBRITY PEERS: What makes me the happiest is people standing up for something, supporting a cause. Be on the cover of a magazine for a better reason than driving the wrong way down the 405.

FOR FUN: I love to cook and throw
dinner parties.

FAVORITE THING TO COOK: Chicken in orange citrus sauce, with homemade macaroni & cheese.

“Crash” by Dave Matthews.

THE WAY TO YOUR HEART: My love language is touch. I love to be hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed and massaged.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: I’m obsessed with Robert Downy Jr. I would do anything for him. He’s so sexy and talented… and did I mention sexy?

FAVORTIE FOOD: Ethnic food of all sorts: Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Japanese. Three nights per week I’m eating spicy tuna on
crispy rice.

BEST FRIEND ON SET: I have such a deep friendship with Jessica Stroup, my costar who plays Silver on 90210. Jessica is such an incredible, talented and giving actress. No offense to the rest of the cast, but Jess is my favorite to work with.

TRAVEL: All the time and I love every second of it. Flew twice this week. I’m living in Beverly Hills right now, but I make a joke that I either live on set in Manhattan Beach or in LAX.

I love the ocean. Greece. Thailand is a
close second.

EXERCISE: The best workout routine anyone can have is a healthy love life. Get a little cardio in while you’re at it. I also like hiking and rock climbing.

WATCHING HERSELF ON TV: I TiVo my show. I’ll catch up on 3-4 episodes at once. When you are watching yourself on TV, you notice the sets and the camera angles and the lighting. I’m like, “That’s Stage 28. That’s where the trailers are. I had a headache that day.” You can’t get lost in the story. Imagine videotaping your office then watching it. You can’t be objective about it. There’s no escapism.

ANY SNACK OR CANDY YOU CAN’T RESIST: Reeces Peanut Butter Sticks. The cups will do if they are frozen, but the sticks I cannot live without.

BEAUTY TIP: Bronzer is everything. A little bronzer gives life to your face.

ACTING TECHNIQUE: I’m very blessed that my mom has a photographic memory. I can look at a page a couple of times and snap a picture of it with my mind. So I learn my lines last second for the spontaneity of my character Naomi to come out. At least that’s my story. The truth is, I learn my lines at the last second because I’m lazy.

HER IMAGE: It is completely awesome, weird and hysterical that paparazzi chase me around to get my photograph and sell them. I always try to look nice, because I care about my image and my fans.