Legendary fashion photographer, Antoine Verglas was born and raised in Paris, France. He initially decided to study at E.S.C School of Business and would occasionally work as a model for TV commercials. Eventually Antoine landed a job hosting the TV show Cinq sur Cinq. The program was popular for teenagers, highlighting video clips, movie trailers and celebrity interviews. His transition to behind the camera occurred when Antoine began taking photographs of his college girlfriend, Catherine Ahnell, a Ford model. In 1990 he was full immersed in fashion & photography, when he moved to New York City, a move that would help solidify him as one of photography’s greats.

During the 90s in his new home of New York City, Antoine Verglas introduced a new style of fashion photography which would revolutionize the industry. Antoine transformed the stayed and poised fashion editorials of the past by capturing models in a series of intimate, documentary style photographs. His photographs used natural light and were remarkably more candid & intimate.

“I always liked natural, behind the scenes [photography], and to capture a moment of emotions of the subject. I tried to make my subjects look naturally beautiful and avoid too much artifice,” reveals Antoine. A philosophy that arrived as a result of the 80s supermodel who he described as being “glamorized to the max. Big hair, extensive make up and over the top wardrobe. I just wanted to do a candid interview with personal questions, black and white, very natural portraits of them — getting out or still in bed, wearing barely nothing or just lingerie or a shirt, relaxing in their home.”

Antoine would go on to document one of the most pivotal times in fashion, the age of supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford. His photos of supermodels would appear in in several international editions of Elle magazine cementing his “Verglas Signature” of photography as the standard for many fashion books like Elle, Vogue, GQ.

The honor of working with Antoine while he was behind the camera during the Tommy and Dee Hilfiger photo shoot was truly an experience. His ability to control the situation and still making everyone feel like they were a part of the magic was a true gift. Antoine epitomizes everything you would want a true creative genius to be. Check out our article on Tommy and Dee Hilfiger to see his beautiful work.

Currently, a NYC resident, Antoine Verglas is still one of the most sought after photographers. He spends his time between the city, St Barth, Montauk & Paris. To learn more about his exceptional work visit antoineverglas.com