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Mark Kurian


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In our world today we are growing and changing and are finally becoming more accepting of relationships that were not always accepted or celebrated. We are normalizing conversations that haven’t always been recognized as normal. For example instead of saying “GAY MARRIAGE” we are just acknowledging it as as marriage. …

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As BHL has always been in the mindset that women are powerful, beautiful, smart, creative, and the life blood of who we are. We have had two extremely strong and brave women at the helm and have always looked to them for direction in almost all we do. We love…

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Unsung hero: NANCY RIELLY

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Nancy Rielly In life there are people that transform, motivate, heal and are Earthly angels and yet never know the impact that they have on you or this world. Nancy Rielly is one of those people. For 25 years I have been mentored, loved and given a real life example…

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