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Beau Dunn is a top emerging female visual artist, model and entrepreneur who has made a huge impact in the art and pop world. She has major collectors and clients such as Claudia Schiffer and David Arquette. You can also find her in the homes and walls of some of Hollywood’s most famous residents.

Raised in Los Angeles, Dunn’s artwork focuses on the mediums of sculpture, neon, photography, and painting and she has exhibited extensively in Los Angeles, New York, London and at Art Basel in Miami.

I recently caught up with the beautiful, busy entrepreneur and model as she puts the final touches to some big projects for 2021 and to learn more about this major talent who I first met at the 2018 Oscars and has since become a friend.

Dunn’s work has been described as “contemporary conceptual mixed media” she has developed a practice that is recognizable for its bold color patterns, social commentary on societal pressures, material excess, and tone of childhood innocence. 

She is best known for her series of tongue-in-cheek Barbie portraits, titled “Plastic”. 

Her parents were big contemporary art collectors, so she became interested in art at a very early age. Growing up in Beverly Hills, with the constant pressure and pursuit of perfection, inspired her famous Barbie portraits and neon sculptures.

“Plastic” will always be near and dear to her heart, as it was her first solo show in Los Angeles. The inspiration came from being born and raised in Beverly Hills. It is a commentary on societal pressures men and women feel these days. Her Barbie portrait series was the first series completed for this show and reflected the iconic Barbie doll and the stigma around the pressures of perfection. This focus has created a feeling of needing to be prettier, skinnier, and more beautiful than the next person. 

For the Barbie series, Dunn photographed six Barbies, some vintage, and some new. As Barbies have been such controversial subject over the years, she knew it would make an interesting take on what beauty means really means.

This is how “Plastic” was born.

Growing up in a household with art collectors Beau had a passion to create. After attending Pepperdine University’s fine art program,  Beau quickly realized that she wanted to study sculpture with an emphasis on mixed media.

“My art developed through my life experiences” she quotes

Pepperdine allowed her to experiment without judgment.

Having a background in modeling and acting, she never thought she would be a fine artist, but organically it started becoming her focus. “I feel when you do something organic with an authentic voice, that people are drawn to it.”

In 2016, Beau collaborated with Kris Jenner for her Birkin closet. Beau built her this amazing closet centered around her neon sculpture “Need Money For Birkin.” By chance, Kylie Jenner happened to be there the day of the installation and fell in love with the art and they have been working together ever since. 

“Kylie has an incredible sense of style and knows exactly what she wants.” Beau adds that Kylie personally picked every piece in the collection and that she is a shining example of women entrepreneurship.

“I could not think of a better place for my Barbie Portraits than in Kylie’s glam room!”

Dunn is also a huge animal lover, world traveler, and a humble philanthropist. Her positivity and perseverance are highlighted throughout her career and social media channels. 

She has been featured in over 50 publications, Dunn’s artwork can be seen in galleries and exhibits around the world.

Highly regarded in the fields of fashion, beauty, and wellness, Dunn has worked with luxury brands as a model, ambassador and artist. An entrepreneur at heart, Dunn founded fashion brand Beau’s Babes and is a lead investor in Plastic Gallery, a new contemporary LA-based gallery. Chosen by Artnet as one of the top 10 young movers and shakers in the Los Angeles Art Scene – Dunn’s collection of contemporary art spans over 200 pieces.

Passionate about giving back to her community and always looking for ways to help others, Dunn was recently named the 2020 Global Ambassador for Road Dogs Charity and received the 2019 Spirit Award from the Art of Elysium.

Beau is currently working on a few shows that she hopes to finish and display in 2021. She loves collaborating with brands and merging her passions for art and fashion.

Exciting things are happening to Beau this year as she starts working on new art and brainstorming her new series.

We wish Beau all the best