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“Is that glitter on your cheeks..?” 

This is the question that Clayton Maxywell hears nearly everyday.

Located in the sunny Tampa, Florida, this 25 year old happens to wear glitter daily. 

There was a time in his life where he didn’t feel shiny or sparkly and to make himself feel better in the moment he put glitter on his cheekbones and that has been its place ever since. 

Studying nutrition and personal training in college, he began his fitness career by moving miles away from his home to build a life of his own in Florida. He started as a Certified Personal Trainer in a commercial gym 3 years ago. 

Working one-on-one with his clients, online and in-person, he has found his passion for inspiring positivity and personal growth in others.

The energy and compassion he exudes shines even brighter than the glitter.

The pandemic this year caused him to lose his commercial job and left him at a crossroad wondering how he could succeed. 

With nothing else to lose, he streamlined his own business, MaxyWellness, and trained his clients in parks, parking garages and via Zoom. 

This years challenges gave him humility and heartbreak however, the one thing that will never leave him is the ambition and drive to keep moving forward. 

Now, ending the year he plans to rebrand his business to encompass not just fitness and nutrition, but for it to evolve into a lifestyle brand.

By recently being signed with a modeling agency, Clayton Maxywell looks forward to taking his career higher and higher in 2021.

Black and white shot by Dan Austin @danaustinphoto
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