Botanika Life is the Fountain of Youth

By March 8, 2021Luxury Life, Wellness

In my life I have always been complimented for my hair. Appreciative of it, I always wanted someone to tell me how amazing my skin was. I always wanted to be the person that someone asked what my skin care routine was. But it never happened. I have tried everything. I would spend more money, thinking that the expensive stuff would be better, I would buy the stuff I couldn’t pronounce thinking it was more exotic. I never thought I would find the brand that would finally make me love the skin I was in.


Botanika Life. Not only a product, but truly a way of life. A brand that once you try, you will scream from the roof tops about how much you love this product. A clean luxury lifestyle and wellness brand that has a wide array of products catering to an active and healthy lifestyle. We improve what already works by bringing in natures’ miracle ingredient, CBD, and making it that much better for the consumer.

After almost 40 years of struggling with uneven skin, break outs and not loving my skin, it is because of Botanika that I can now say I love my skin and am actually comfortable in my skin. Last week after only a few weeks of using this amazing product, I actually had someone ask me about my skin regiment. The feeling I got from this is one I never thought I would ever feel. I was finally proud of my skin and its all because of Botanika.

The owners Benny and Stacey sat down with me and shared their heart and reasons behind the brand and I was honored for the opportunity to hear all about why and how they started this beautiful brand. I know that the combination of personal experiences and the love they have for peoples well being is the reason this brand is going to change peoples lives.

Each product has been created to bring life to your skin and give you a new glow. A confidence you never knew you could have. Benny and Stacey have used their personal experiences and needs to create a remarkable suite of products. Every painstakingly moment of creating these products was done with you in mind.
Click each item to go to their website and learn more about these incredible products. Botanika Life is a way of life that has truly changed the way I feel and look.