By January 13, 2021Fashion

Camilla Franks has developed a brand that is known for beauty, high quality, craftsmanship and unique perspective on how it should fit on the body.

Camilla the brand is created from the idea that life should be comfortable, beautiful and lived each day. When you experience the fabrics, see the beading and understand the lifestyle, it is easy to fall in love with this way of life.

Starting in Australia, Camilla has always been the epitome of “love in the details” Camilla says and proves through her work that “Each piece is designed with a meticulous print placement, ensuring a bespoke printed artwork that falls beautifully across each body”

From our Fashion Editor, Christina Makowsky to our Co-Founder, Kimi Applegate, Camilla is a favorite brand because of the quality and effort that is put into each piece. Notice through this collection that each piece falls perfectly and tells a story. We wanted to celebrate her brand and photograph her incredible designs. Camilla is a brand and a person who embodies what we believe fashion is about. Check out her latest collection HERE

Benny Haddad
Creative Director/Editor-at-Large
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Fashion Editor
Christina Makowsky 
Luigi Irauzqui 
Stylist Assistant
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Hair Stylist
Eduardo Ponce
Make Up Artist
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Model Agency
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