When designing a home, it is important to help the client see their vision but also help elevate their vision so that they not only love their project, but also are in awe of their project.



When working with the clients on this specific home they were simple when they came to project goals as they only requested that we turn this newly constructed duplex into a home that reflects both their personalities and lifestyles.  They both have busy work schedules so we created an environment that was somewhat of a sanctuary to escape to when traveling to Manhattan.  We also wanted to make sure the kid’s bedrooms were reflective of their own style and personality.  It’s important for me to really reflect at the very least each person in one part of the design. This allows the home to feel like it’s everyones.


Our clients were extremely stylish, well traveled and artistic so their residence had to reflect this! We wanted to create an elegant setting with spaces that felt inviting, tailored & tactile.



We custom designed almost everything throughout as each room was so unique and we wanted to maximize every square foot.  The overall project has a modern elegance that washes over each area and highlights the furnishings, lavish sheer drapery panels and double height living room.



Cast Iron House was originally built in 1881 by James White, Franklin Street represents one of New York’s most stunning examples of 19th-century cast iron architecture. In reimagining the 13-unit building, architect Shigeru Ban respected its historic detailing.



Walk through this project and enjoy the new and the old, the attention to detail and hopefully get inspired to use a design element for your own home.