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By: Maria Molino It’s been a long, theatrical year, yet minus the actual theaters that make New York, well New York. One of the premier tourist destinations in the world, New York has a lot to offer, however many would agree that the quintessential New York experience involves a trip…

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Unsung hero: NANCY RIELLY

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Nancy Rielly In life there are people that transform, motivate, heal and are Earthly angels and yet never know the impact that they have on you or this world. Nancy Rielly is one of those people. For 25 years I have been mentored, loved and given a real life example…

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Curtis Stone a name synonymous with phrases like Master Chef, pop culture icon, restauranteur and lately his proudest titles of father and husband is also to BHL Media a part of a proud history. Curtis Stone 10 years ago was the first male cover that we had ever had. Deciding…

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