By September 11, 2019Profiles

Beverly Hills Lifestyle started because of a legacy that the Co-Founder’s family had in the Hollywood industry. We wanted the magazine to be an ode to Old Hollywood, we also wanted the magazine to be a platform for celebrating the triumph of the human spirit and we wanted to distill each story down to its essence so that people could read and celebrate the truth behind stories we all thought we knew. 

All of this came from the way that Madonna Nelson chose to raise our Co-Founder Kimi Applegate and speak truth into the lives of everyone that she touched. June 13th we said goodbye to the beautiful, thoughtful, caring, kind and extremely loving woman. 

With heavy hearts we had to say goodbye and we also needed to sit in the reality that so much of what the magazine is, is because of the influence of this incredible woman. She poured her praise, her love, her ideas and intentions into Beverly Hills Lifestyle. So many of you have reached out to tell us how she wrapped her loving arms around you. Thank you for sharing your stories, your sympathies. We will never forget what life was with her, and it will be hard to not have her physically present. However, her legacy will forever be in the pages of Beverly Hills Lifestyle but more importantly in our hearts. 

We love you Madonna, your memory will always live. You may never know the impact you had on our lives, but we will forever live in your legacy, spreading your loving spirit which you shared with us each day.