There is a reason that everyone is talking about Croatia lately and it’s not because Game of Thrones is filmed there… it’s because of the gorgeous beaches, the medieval architecture, and the feeling of being in a different world. From the sprawling coastlines, to the hidden coves and islands surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia offers all the historic charm of Spain with stunning crystal blue waters and strikingly beautiful beaches. During my journey throughout Croatia, I realized that the gift of just being was one that everyone should experience. I have traveled the world, but Croatia, and its incredible backdrop, gave me the surreal feeling of being exactly where I was supposed to be.

My travels through Croatia took me to Dubrovnik, Lopud Island and Hvar; each location offered me a different experience and each one is not to be missed! To be in the center of luxury and relaxation, and to truly envelop yourself in a different world than you will ever see again, I recommend taking a trip and hitting each of these places. Take 2-3 days in each place, don’t be rushed, and don’t expect to stay on a schedule! Croatia is a place where there are a ton of clocks but all you have is time. Here are my quick suggestions… but make it your place, your home and your experience. Make plans but don’t worry about sticking to them… Croatia is a place where you should just be.

My first stop was Dubrovnik. This is a place where you enter true Old World charm. A place where you are transported to the 16th Century. I recommend you stay at the Grand Villa Argentina. This hotel sits in front of the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen. It truly stops you in your 8 tracks. It allows you to take the deep breath that so many of us strive for when it comes to vacationing. Lined with rosemary, lavender and wild orange blossoms, whether you are at the salt water pool or on their private beach you are surrounded with delicious smells, views and experiences at your fingertips.

While there, I recommend eating at 360 Degrees and Viktoria Restaurants. Make sure you take a morning walk along the City Wall and do not miss exploring the Lokrum Island with the Iron Throne. Next, we headed to Lopud Island…a place where dreams are made. Lopud Island is known for the best beaches in Dubrovnik and it does not disappoint. A true representation of luxury at this destination is Villa Dalmatia. You never thought that life could be as serene and beautiful as it is here…there are moments throughout Lopud Island that transport you. If you make it here, make sure to stay at Villa Dalmatia. It is the home that you have only dreamt of. When you are done marveling at the majesty of where you’re staying, make sure you take time to go and have a romantic dinner at Bowa Restaurant. Croatia is nothing if not awe-inspiring, so make sure to take time while you are here and experience this overwhelming paradise.