By December 13, 2020BHL Moments, Profiles

Daniela Magun isn’t simply a nostalgic pop culture icon for the Latino community, she’s a woman that has overcome more than a lifetime. If we look back to the 90’s, we find a Latino group on the rise (maybe you’ve heard of them… does Kabah ring a bell?) – for 13 years Daniela wasn’t just the driving force of a pop group much like Destiny’s Child, but a woman in the shadows that struggled to be heard. In the past few years, Daniela has become a very different person from the singer we grew up listening to. Raising two beautiful boys with her husband, Jack, in Mexico City, she has finally found the balance in her life that she’s been searching for.

With the current political climate and some American media groups, Latino culture has faced a difficult burden this year – often being portrayed in a negative light. In tried and true form, if you search for a negative, you will find a negative. Daniela Magun is here to stop that, and that’s why we love her! Throughout the years, Daniela has been a loud activist and proud Latina woman looking to change the American perception of Latino culture and Latin America. And she’s not alone – this love and respect for her culture joins millions of others in a fight that has gone viral. Her newest opportunity couldn’t have come soon enough – Daniela has recently become the host of a new show in Mexico (similar to The View) – and she uses the platform she worked so hard for to further her activism. “I’ve been working in entertainment for 25 years and this is the first time I feel like I’m being heard” Daniela says. “I want people to know who I am versus the me who is in costume, hair and makeup”.

Daniela tells us this new role isn’t about music or selling out venues. This is a way for her to proudly share the positive views of a community she adores so much, and to show how Mexico has a unique place in this world. “We have a really cool vibe! We are family oriented, an extremely driven community. We are the people of the world.” If her passion wasn’t enough to demonstrate her ambition to change the perception of the Latino community for the better, she is a proud philanthropist, promoting and supporting her charitable causes. Diana supports a variety of charities; from Happy Hearts, to helping women who have faced abuse, to an incredible organization that helps women who have been diagnosed with AIDS, and teaches them how to have a successful child birth without transferring the disease to their newborns.

Daniela Magun, who happens to be the cousin of our President/Founder of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Mark Kurian, wants to pass on and share only the positive. Life can be a roller-coaster just like Magun’s, but working hard and being vocal about what you believe in can cause waves of positive change all over the world. Mexico is a beautiful country with amazing culture that has offered up a wide array of incredible voices – and Daniela Magun is definitely one of those voices. Pop culture icon, singer, activist, loving mother, and a proud, intelligent Latina woman! “I’m finding my voice and I have something to say!” says Daniela. “Find a voice if you are a public figure. Use your voice in a positive way!”. And there’s no doubt that she is doing just that. We celebrate her for the amazing strength and influence she has shared with the world.