By January 29, 2021Fashion

Carrying a bag can be almost like a safety blanket for an adult. Before you leave the house you fill it with things that will make your day more comfortable, easier to get through and give you feelings of being able to conquer the day. 

At BHL Media we talk a lot about bags and what goes into them. We are constantly trying to find the perfect compliment to your lifestyle, activity and price point. In our search we look for a bag that is stylish yet functional. A bag that can take the demands of the day and help you get through it without any added stress.

We have found a bag that really epitomizes all that and more. Delgado NYC created by Jerry Delgado is a line that we are calling our current obsession. 

Created out of the need for the one problem we all face in so many of our bags “the open abyss”. Digging through your bag to find the keys you were certain you put in there, or the lip gloss you know you just used. 

Jerry, creator and founder says “I spent hours searching the internet to find something that would organize my life’s necessities but the options I found either lacked style or quality. I decided that if I wanted a stylish way to organize my “essential junk” I would have to create it.”

So many functional bags tend to be only that, functional! Delgado has married functionality, performance and fashion to create this beautiful line of bags. From classic designs to more avant garde looks, there really is a look for anyone!

The best part of Delgado NYC is the heart behind the brand! Jerry is a man who has created this line with you in mind. 

Mark Kurian our President when he met Jerry instantly said “I see his true desire to just make peoples lives easier and looking fabulous while doing it. Jerry is a humble man who has created a remarkable product!”

Jerry is constantly coming up with new designs, while never losing sight of the reason for his brand. His vision for Delgado is apparent the moment you see one of hos bags. Beautifully made and stunning to look at. 

The best part of this bag is the price point. You can buy every design you love and not break the bank. The price point allows you to not have to choose which design you love, just get them all.

Luxury is not always a price point, in this case it’s the value that a simple piece like a Delgado Tote can add to your daily life. Check out this extraordinary line at