by Ryan Kenney

For many years we have been fascinated with singing shows. We have explored the phenomenon and have come up with the one reason we keep coming back to these shows. The main reason we have found is to simply see who will be on. Well last season the allure hit an all time high when Dez Duron hit the stage on The Voice. He stunned audiences with his looks, stunned the judges with his talent and captivated the viewers with a perfect combination of the two. Dez as you will see throughout his interview is a man of faith, integrity, character and desires to see the world a better place every day. It amazes everyone who meets him that he is as humble as he is talented. Dez gives all the accolades to his faith and thanks God for his ability to do what he loves.

What is your biggest inspiration in life?
I find my inspiration in people. I love hearing stories about people overcoming great obstacles and making a positive difference. I love meeting new people from different places who have lived lives totally different than mine. It keeps life fresh. I think that’s why I love Los Angeles so much.

Where do you spontaneously tend to sing the most?
I sing everywhere on accident. I would say my room, the shower and my car. Especially my car, I always look up to see the people next to me at the light laughing at me going at it.

How do you mentally and physically prepare for a performance?
I always just remind myself that this is what I love to do. I think a little nerves is a good thing because it brings the energy level up and shows you care but you gotta have fun. Physically, I warm up and run in place a lot. I used to do that before football games and it has just stuck with me.

What is the one article of clothing or piece of jewelry that matters the most to you when getting dressed?
I don’t have a particular piece of clothing. I’m a pretty moody dresser. I wake up every so often with a particular look I want to try out. I usually start with the pants and shoes I want to wear and make the rest work with that.

Who is your favorite music artist? Why?
That question is almost impossible. Different artists are always inspiring me at different times. If I had to choose two they would be Paul McCartney and Frank Sinatra. Paul McCartney’s music has been playing in my house since I can remember, whether it be The Beatles or his stuff with Wings. His lyrics and melodies are just incredible. I’ve always heard Frank’s music but really fell in love when I was 18. He is one of the greatest communicators of all time. He makes me feel it down in my soul.

What is it that appeals to you about crooners?
I’m attracted to music that makes me feel something, whether happy, sad, excited etc. Frank Sinatra moves me the same way that gospel music moves me. There’s just something about that music and someone who can do it the right way. That is the biggest influence I take from that style of music as I make my own.

Since being on The Voice, have you managed to make time for any of the other things you enjoy, like playing football? What are they?
I love throwing the football, going on hikes, or anything with friends. I’ve been toying with the idea of joining a flag football league. I never really took time for things outside of music when I first got out here but I feel like good relationships are important and worth taking the time to cultivate.

How did your family and friends react when you decided to leave Yale and the football program to pursue your singing career and audition for The Voice?
I think if the decision was just on a whim they would have taken it a lot harder, but music is all I’ve ever talked about since I was 2. My going to Yale was something my family was very proud of, so they were sad to see me leave, but in the end supported me. I can still go back and finish my degree so I think that helped soften the blow.

What has been the biggest challenge in your life?
I think the biggest challenge in my life has been learning to trust my own instinct. Growing up a coaches son, you learn the valuable lesson of being coach-able and listening to mentors. I’m great at that. Now that I’m starting my own career I’m learning the balance of listening to the advice of those around me and taking control of my own life. That’s been an interesting transition.

What has been the most exciting thing in your life?
My whole life I’ve listened to people’s music and been inspired, cheered up, encouraged, challenged. It’s been exciting for me to have people say they listened to me sing and it made their day better or that my story inspired them to try again at their dream. For me to be able to do through music what music has always done for me has been an incredible and surreal experience. Now making my own music, those experiences inspire me so it just keeps going round and round.

What is next for you?
I’ve been in the studio with different producers making great music. I love what we’re coming up with. I’ve really been enjoying the studio and creating. Looking forward to getting the music out there and performing it.

Photographer: Odessy Barbu
Stylist: Kendrick Osorio Wilhelmina & Ken Barboza
Stylist Assistant: Karen Knighton
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