Don’t judge a book by its cover. Famous words that we have heard a thousand times… but are we really listening to them? The simple lesson: look beyond outward appearances before you determine value & worth. The more significant lesson is that, while you may make a prejudgment that ends up being correct, it can prevent you from going beneath the surface for a deeper and more complete appreciation.

It would behoove you to keep this sound advice in mind when you meet the enigmatic Andrew Neighbors. Andrew is best known for vlogging on YouTube, where he has made a genuine connection with his 80,000+ followers by sharing personal stories of his life. While it is easy to feel like we know Andrew from his videos because he connects so easily with his viewers, when you sit down with him, that in-person connection reveals a much broader and deeper side of himself than this charismatic YouTuber leads on.

In an unexpected twist for the Vlog-osphere, Neighbors works as an optometrist… and even though that is a very respected career that affords him the title ‘Doctor,’ he does not define himself by his profession. Andrew defines himself by his passions for helping people, making people laugh and creating experiences that allow people to see the world in a different way. Neighbors’ goals and expectations for himself require him to constantly push outside of his comfort zone.

It is this persistent desire to encourage others to see the world differently, while making them comfortable enough to do so, that makes Andrew so unique, and makes us at BHL love him so much. In an interview with Neighbors, he said “If somebody can look into my life and see that I live a gay, professional lifestyle and I can normalize that for that person and make that person feel more comfortable about who they are, then I’ve set out to do exactly what I wanted to do.”

It’s this mentality that carries Andrew through life to different experiences. While that will always likely include YouTube and Optometry, he never wants to limit himself to those outlets. Andrew is already inspiring people; by making people laugh, by challenging everyday thoughts, and by constantly creating new content. With an open mind, he is someone who will continue to inspire and surprise.

Freeing himself from predetermined paths & restrictions, what is next for Andrew Neighbors? Beverly Hills Lifestyle is honored to be a part of his journey and we will continue to follow him and share updates, just as Neighbors will continue to create thought-provoking content. He helps remind us about the merits of never judging a book by its cover. He uses his charisma to highlight people who we think we know, but haven’t taken a closer look at… he makes their stories relatable, interesting and inspiring. Andrew’s heart, and his content, are redefining the world through a lens of kindness, compassion and humor… and we think he is the perfect person to carry that banner.