Get ready! The fairytale world is getting a makeover!

Yes, the stories we all grew up with like Cinderella and Snow White have all been redreamed before, but nothing like what Tony Ardolino has created with “Far Far Away.”

In this new LGBTQ twist on the classic tales we join a Gay Prince Snow White, a Lesbian Rapunzel, and a Transgendered Cinderella as they venture through the forbidden forest in hopes to get their happy endings.


But first, lets get to know the Prince Snow himself. Not only is Tony the Creator of this project but he is also acting in it as well.

Although still in early stages the Trailer is up and running and has already been selected by numerous Film Festivals all over the world. We sat down with Tony Ardolino to get a more inside look at this brand new world of “Far Far Away.”

So you’re a Jersey boy? “I am! I was born and raised in New Jersey and the day after I graduated high school I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting like a character out of Cats Don’t Dance or Burlesque.” He smled, “I lived in LA for six year and had a great career with Commercials, Television, and Theater- and by day I would be entertaining people at every theme park in the LA area.”

So did you work for the Mouse? “I did… and I had no car.” He laughed, “I would wake up in North Hollywood and do an opening show at six flags, then take a bus and do an afternoon show at Universal, followed by a closing jungle cruise skipper set at Disneyland, and then an overnight rehearsal at Knotts Berry Farm. All while using public transportation.”

Tony then lived in Singapore for 2 years on a contract followed by touring 49 states as the original Ryder in Nickelodeons Paw Patrol Live.

It sounds like you have lived quite the adventure already, what inspired you to create “Far Far Away”

“Well, I’ve had this idea for as long as I could remember.” Tony says, “I loved fairytales because as a gay kid growing up in New Jersey it wasn’t exactly a dream. I was constantly teased and beat up, but when I came home, I would just read one of those stories that started with ‘once upon a time’ and I was so inspired. It’s all about these people who are the underdogs and constantly have people telling them they are different and unwanted- but through it all they continue to have hope and kindness.”

Tony said how while he was traveling, he met so many people in the LGBTQ community and one thing that stood out was this idea of hope. “It is a constant theme in our community and fairytales are all about hope. So, I thought why not re write the fairytales we all love and put a spin on it so everyone gets a chance to live happily ever after. In this story we cover real issues and themes that are happening today but covered with a fantasy world and magical characters. The purpose of this series is not only to entertain people with a lush story and gorgeous visuals- but it’s also to prove that you can be who you are and still reach that famous happy end.”

That is gorgeous. And may I just add how stunning the trailer is! “Awe thanks!” Tony smiled, “I worked with film maker James Simmons who is simply amazing and really worked with me to make something special. I spent hours making costumes and finding castles so it looks as if we were opening a door into

the world of FAR FAR AWAY. And when you add a great supporting cast into it the mix- it just becomes magic.”

Now all of this is pretty inspiring, what is the goal? “I want this to be a series that people can watch and remember. We made this concept trailer and it is already bringing people joy and making them want more. Now we are trying to raise money so we can make a pilot and upcoming episodes. We have ran every number and believe it’s possible to make this dream a reality. We are also looking for production company’s and networks who would be interested in working with us to bring the land of Far Far Away to life. We are trying to raise $40,000.00 on our indigogo page. This money will be used for actors, costumes, permits, and a crew to ensure this project really becomes something special for the world to fall in love with.

In your trailer one of the last bits of dialogue is “Magic isn’t wishing for things to get better. It’s making it better yourself.” Let me just say, it seems like you are really the embodiment of that line.

“Thank you. Honestly, I am just trying to make something that I wish was around already. I hope this can be an inspiration, I hope this can be a series, I hope that this can be—just something special.”

If you would like to help Tony reach his goal please visit the Far Far AWAY Indigogo page :


For more information about the new LBGTQ Fairytale series go to as follow on isntagram @farfaraway.theseries and @Tony.Cannoli