Florence’s Lungarno Collection
Planning the perfect vacation can be an exceptional amount of work…which should not come as a surprise, as most things that are worthwhile in life require varying degrees of commitment, awareness, time & resources. The anticipation and anxiety associated with planning a vacation can be incapacitating, which is why it is often easier to put off planning, leave it in someone else’s hands or select the obvious five-star hotel. That could land you a safe bet. However, when you are traveling somewhere as rich and unique as Florence, Italy, being safe rarely leads to the extraordinary. Being habitual may be fine for just any vacation, but being unprecedented can unlock the core of Florence. As the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, Florence represents over 2000 years of being unprecedented. It is this characteristic that allowed Florence’s Golden Age to flourish around 1000AD. By the 15th century, Florence emerged as one of the largest cities in Europe. In the 1950s it was Italy’s capital of fashion. It is home to countless Renaissance masterpieces, architectural marvels, elite artisans and fashion houses, which have stood the test of time, as some of the world’s most cherished treasures. A destination so legendary begs to be explored in an unexpected, unordinary and unprecedented way. And it can, thanks to the Lungarno Collection.
Propelling this exclusive hotel collection forward is a tie to one of Florence’s most iconic designers, Salvatore Ferragamo. Owned & operated by the Ferragamo family, the Lungarno collection is comprised of several hotels throughout Italy. At the helm of the Lungarno Collection is, President Leonardo Ferragamo, son to the famed designer, who pays tribute to his father’s legacy of fashion & hospitality with four exceptionally unique & Florentine hotel experiences. Each hotel in this luxurious collection honors the Ferragamo passion for creativity and craftsmanship, while genuinely reflecting the exquisite taste that is unmistakably Florentine style.
While each of its four hotels inspires a different occasion or caters to the needs, tastes & preferences of a specific traveler, they are, together, cohesive like a family. The Lungarno Collection invites you to find
a reflection of yourself in Florence, whether you crave classic or contemporary, romantic, or something with an eclectic personality. Like the perfect pair of shoes, there is a tailor-made hotel & experience that will be the perfect fit for your time in Florence. And, like shoes, nobody is stopping your from buying just one pair.
Discover these four distinct hotels, steps from Florence’s treasures, each possessing its own unmistakable character, yet still typically Florentine. They honor its Renaissance past & tradition of elite craftsmanship. Thanks to Lungarno Collection traveling to Italy has never been more beautiful.

Portrait Firenze

Hospitality, like fashion, is an art, which is why the aptly named Portrait Firenze is such a masterpiece. Heralding the concept of bespoke tourism, the Portrait has shattered uniform luxury and replaced it with personalization. Guests easily recognize they are not in a typical luxury hotel, but an incredibly personal place. This five star, all suite property resides on an intimate off street address in the center of Florence. It poses irresistible charm & style. It prides itself on offering something you cannot find somewhere else, a hotel built around a city, a suite built around you, and experiences tailored to your lifestyle. Our goal is to make your stay a portrait of you.
Its 37 rooms are harmoniously classic and contemporary, fusing warm wood and opaque greys. Soft materials like cozy cashmere are welcoming in this hotel that is basking in a glow of gilded finishes and shimmering steel. Every suite has a concealed kitchen that can unfold at a moment’s notice. Each suite takes on its own identity featuring many personal touches tailored to each guest. This is what makes Portrait better than perfect.
Caffè dell’Oro – The Portrait’s signature restaurant is open all day. Featuring Italian cuisine with a beautiful view over the Ponte Vecchio. It is a salon with kitchen— warm, inviting, with plenty of
gastronomic delights.
Portrait Penthouse Ponte Vecchio Suite – The ultimate vantage point for Florence. This nearly 1,300 square foot suite features two beds, two bathrooms, kitchen, living area and a full facade terrace overlooking the Arno River from the 6th floor.


Gallery or hotel? The name is adding another layer to the hospitality & fashion party— art. While most hotels feature art to accent the design & locale of their property, the Gallery is in a different league. It houses a new, year-long art exhibition every calendar year. You may imagine that housing exhibitions from names like David Lachapelle, Steven Klein or Lise Sarfati would mean the hotel guests are taking a back seat to the collections it hosts. This could not be further from reality. Just like the irreplaceable artwork that it features, the hotel’s staff extends the same care & attention to detail to every guest staying there. While it is technically designated a four-star hotel, Gallery seems to rather easily exceed that ranking.
The hotel houses 74 rooms & suites along with its rotating art exhibitions. The style is unmistakably welcoming, comfortable and soothing. For guests with the privilege of staying on an upper level of the hotel, you will likely find your suite is accompanied by a generous terrace with breathtaking views of some of Florence’s most prized landmarks like the Duomo & Ponte Vecchio.
The hotel’s avant-garde spaces were dreamt up by Florentine architect, Michele Bönan, who designed all four of the Lungarno Collection’s hotels in Florence. The hotel’s central location, combined with its art collection and design, makes it a favorite meeting place for Florence’s fashionable inhabitants.
Current Exhibition Andy Warhol Forever – The Gallery’s art exhibition for 2017 feature 16 of the artists most iconic pieces, including two portraits of Marilyn Monroe.
Suite Gallery – The spacious suites offer a few configurations. For those seeking something special, reserve a suite on the 7th floor. Many of those rooms offer terraces with accompanying views that would make the Medici family jealous.


Just across the way from Gallery, is the younger, more vibrant and yet romantic design of the Continentale. The Continentale almost has an LA vibe to it. Slightly more casual than its counterparts, but never sacrificing fashion. This is the place to see & be seen. The design is simple & chic. The interiors are elegant, washed in whites. The atmosphere at Continentale emphasizes serenity, simplicity, and fantasy. Guests are treated to Bönan’s refined design and inventive touches throughout the property, including desks fashioned from handmade leather trunks along with clocks used as a side table.
Panoramic Consorti Suite – The first level of this suite has a dramatically scaled canopy bed that seems to stretch two levels. On the second level, find a sprawling bathroom with a king-sized bathtub with views of the Duomo, while also peering into the lower level of the suite.
La Terrazza – This rooftop hot spot also echoes the LA vibes. The simplistic theme continues here and for good cause, the views are stunning and should not be interrupted. Be sure to reserve a table in advance, because the sunset is spectacular from this haven.


The namesake hotel of the collection is fresh off a six-month renovation commemorating its 50th anniversary. The Hotel Lungarno seamlessly exists with the River Arno. You cannot help but be drawn in by the views, almost as if you are on a majestic yacht floating down the Arno. Perhaps that is why Bönan chose a design evoking classic nautical motifs to enhance this enchanting back drop. In fact, Michele Bönan describes Hotel Lungarno as Dzlike a grand cruise ship sailing down the river, this period townhouse is the only one that literally sits over the Arno. Colors such as blue and white were used to accentuate the sense of being, endlessly drifting on the Arno but with the Ponte Vecchio (Florence’s iconic symbol) as your point of reference. The sense of sailing, the constant river view contrasted beautifully with that of a cozy home. This included adding 400 pieces of art from Picasso, Bueno to Cocteau in the lobbies and guestrooms.
The hotel boasts 65 rooms & suites and many feature terraces overlooking the splendid city and river. To think millions of people visit Florence each year to see these sights, and the Hotel Lungarno presents the rare opportunity to wake up to them each morning.
Borgo San Jacopo – Visit the hotel’s Michelin starred restaurant by Chef Peter Brunel for a dining experience that will rival the ever-impressive river views. You are sure to find a wine to pair with each course, the restaurant hosts 900 labels in its cellar.
The Private Terrace – For those seeking the ultimate in romance, reserve The Private Terrace. Chef Brunel will treat you to a dazzling dinner over the river Arno looking toward the Ponte Vecchio, complete with candlelight and stars.