by Tami Kuria

Lake Como’s Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit; the only way to make a trip to this dream like destination more spectacular, is to experience it from Grand Hotel Tremezzo. With panoramic views of Lake Como and Bellagio, you won’t have to leave the hotel to get the true essence, allure, and class that you find through staying at one of the oldest and luxurious family-owned hotels, Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

New to the hotel are the rooftop suites with an oversize patio complete with private jacuzzis and majestic panoramic views of the lake and its lush hillsides; these penthouse suites will put you in your “Lake Como” state-of-mind from the moment you walk into the room. The room itself is complete with contemporary furnishings and an open layout including spacious bathrooms with modern design. You’ll wish this was your home away-from-home and feel the tensions and stresses quickly melt away.

Surrounding the hotel you will find majestic gardens, tennis courts, and three pools, one of which unbelievably floats right on top of Lake Como itself. While inside the hotel exist a variety of vibrant, and cozy common areas for relaxing or catching up over a drink. If you are looking for more than just a drink, Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers some of the best dining in the area with many options for ambiance and cuisine. You can choose from fine dining on the terrace with Italian cuisine while overlooking Bellagio at Terrazza Restaurant, to going to T Pizza for snacks by the pool. Or if you choose, have a bite at the rustic L’escale Fondues and Wine Bar where you can experience a lively or romantic evening.

If the beauty of the hotel isn’t relaxing enough, you an spend the day in their very own T Spa. This stylish and modern spa has all the amenities one can ask for. The indoor infinity pool with lounges and huge picture windows overlooking the lake will bring you so much tranquility that you may even forget about your treatment. With a list of signature treatments for one or couples, it is refreshing to spend your day unwinding on the lake at T Spa.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo also has its very own period Venetian boat, Ruy, that runs tours of the lake front villas and lake access restaurants, and can take guests on a quick trip over to Bellagio for a day of shopping on cobblestone streets and exploring the picturesque town. There are also many great local dining and shopping options, if you can take yourself away from the hotel long enough to delve into all that Lake Como offers.