By December 11, 2019Fashion, Luxury Life

Great Heights launches a new brand, a conversation and a movement that BHL is excited about and ready to celebrate. In the world of luxury, we are constantly looking for brands that are changing the landscape and demanding our readers to see things through a different lens.

Great Heights is revolutionizing the diamond industry with lab-grown diamonds through the use of the latest technology, expertise in lieu of traditional of diamond mining. This proposes the question, how can we be mindful, while creating a brilliant, perfect diamond? Their answer is to deliver customers a superior, conflict-free and opulent product that meet the highest certifications and inspection process for the Four C’s (carat, cut, color, clarity)standards for excellence, the same as mined diamonds.

I had the opportunity to talk with Great Heights Co-Founder and President, Ryan Bonifacino and he opened my eyes to the importance of lab-grown diamonds. The moment you are connected with a Great Heights expert you will see that the manner in which you as the client, will go from knowing very little about the intricacies of the diamond market to being proficient in Great Heights’ mission. It is a seamless and enjoyable process. Take a journey and discover something you thought you knew in a whole new light. Great Heights will introduce you to the way of the future, never losing sight of quality, craftsmanship and the prestige of wearing a beautiful diamond.

Great Heights is founded by a third generation diamond merchant and a direct to consumer expert who have curated, created and spoken as conscientiousness leaders in the diamond industry. It’s because of their experience in this field that they can unequivocally speak to the quality and authenticity of the lab- grown diamonds.

As we continue to evolve as a society and the impact we have on the world in which live, we should turn to the diamond industry with special attention to the lab-grown diamonds of Great Heights as the example for innovation in a market that was long overdue for disruption making our world beautiful while lessening the impact on the environment and its people.