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Hayden Joseph is making waves in Country Music’s culture by mobilizing people to see (and hear) things differently. Growing up, Hayden knew that he loved the storytelling aspect of the genre. Throughout his career, he has been determined to use his platform to share his story – one familiar to many whom have been left out of the genre for far too long.

Hayden grew up knowing something about him was “different.” The fact that he was gay was not the only thing that made him feel this way. He knew at a young age that sharing his experiences through song was something that would inevitably define both who he was and propel the career he desired.

Hayden is a man defined by his experiences, the people in his life whom he treasures, and (even with his good looks and extreme talent) by his humility. He puts himself out there through his music to inspire others, give meat the bones of their stories, and give both his fans and first time listeners an emotional channel through his lyrics.

Hayden has written heart-wrenching songs like “19 & Cryin’” and “Different” through the lens of his unique story – one of a gay man walking through life – but has done so in a way that is inclusive of any walk. He has beautifully written these songs so that anyone that is listening can connect and respond to the words within their own lives. Country music is a genre that is all about stories; it’s all about tugging on people’s emotions and personal life experiences to create a genuine connection to the music.

In his own words, “It’s high time we got adequate LGBT representation in mainstream Country Music.” The heart behind this is not to elevate himself or his story, but to give people who love Country Music a new perspective. The Country Music scene has not been a normal place for gay artists to highlight their music. Finally, because of artists like Hayden, there are new voices that connect Country Music and the LGBTQ+ community.

Creating a culture within a culture is not easy nor always welcomed; however, Hayden is taking on this responsibility through his spirit, enthusiasm, and character.

Hayden continues to challenge the country music genre through his actions on his social media, as well as his interviews. During an interview with People Magazine, Hayden called out country music for being “one dimensional”. He is changing that notion by creating sonic and lyrical diversity within his own music. After listening to his music, you can feel the intentional depth of his lyrics.

Hayden resides in Nashville where he is viewed as a challenger to the mainstream country music scene and viewed as an ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

You can find Hayden Joseph’s music on all major streaming platforms.