By: April Wood

Belvedere Helmet
While style is a stand-out feature, the quality and safety of this helmet should not be overlooked. The inside is lined with Nappa lambskin, reminiscing the beauty of vintage luxury cars and creating a comfort like no other, and the carbon fibers (also used in the aerospace industry) guarantee maximum solidity. $1,350


Advanced Factor 001
It’s carbon composite frame and wheels weigh a mere 7.4kg.  With Shimano’s Di2 electric shifters, hydrolic disc brakes and LED lights, it is clearly the most advanced bicycle on the market.  Each bike will be custom built to the exact dimensions of its rider.  Carbon discs, transit cases and an array of color options are also available. $36,000


Cruden’s Hexatech Racing Simulator
Cruden’s Hexatech racing simulator, currently used by professional Formula One drivers to perfect their racing skills, is now being offered to you. Its full g-force simulation and three 42-inch wrap-around screens will immerse you into the life of an actual Formula One driver. And true to professional driving, top speed is not easily acquired, which ensures a never-ending quest to improve. $210,000_


The Vatican Secret Archives
Hand-stitched and hand-bound in sheep parchment with reinforcements in leather, this
special collectors’ edition contains historical documents and letters dating as far back as the 8th century, and all have been stored beneath the streets of Rome in the secret archives of the Vatican. The book contains a letter from Mary Queen of Scots to Pope Sixtus V, a letter from Pius X to Hitler, and works from St. Teresa of Avila along with numerous historical letters and writings from the Vatican’s secret archives. The Pope, the Vatican Library and the Vatican Secret Archives have reserved three of the 33 copies, and each book can be personalized and ordered in English, Italian, French or Dutch. Buyers will receive a list of the 33 owners, unless they opt to be listed as anonymous. Standard editions are also available. $7,193


Barton Perreira Emmanuelle sunglasses
Berry Love lenses rest elegantly in an 18-karat rose gold frame paved with 2.8 carats of brilliant round pink diamonds. It’s beauty cannot be denied. $49,000


Brabus GLK
With a 750hp 12-cylinder twin turbo engine, the Brabus is the world’s fastest street legal SUV. It set a new speed record of 200.3 mph at Nardo test track in Italy last October. With the pedal to the metal it will go from 0-62 mph in just 4.2 seconds. The Brabus made its world debut at the Dubai Motor Show. $570,000