By December 8, 2020Profiles
Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine is proud to welcome best-selling author, life coach and career strategist Kaden James to the team. Kaden is BHL’s Wellness Editor and will be sharing content geared toward helping readers live a more vibrant, abundant, healthy, and happy life. Kaden has written several books including The Daily Playbook which is a 90 day course geared toward establishing healthy morning and evening rituals. He has a couple more books in the works in the personal empowerment realm and a Sci-fi series. 
Kaden has a passion learning and has certifications from Yale, Expert Rating and he has received training from experts such as Marianne Williamson, Mel Robbins, Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins. He has also appeared on ABC News, MTV, VH1, Logo, Thrive Global, Medium and has appeared on various tv shows. He’s worked with pro-athletes, CEO’s and CFO’s, known actors and musicians, and many business owners. All of his clients have had one thing in common, they were willing and ready to take their lives to the next level, benefitting from his results driven coaching. Kaden says, “When it comes to living an extraordinary life, the two most important things we can do is ask ourselves what that looks like for us and then start taking action right away. When we forget about the expectations of others or what society thinks we should do we free ourselves. Designing your life from a heart-centered place is how we experience the real magic.”

With an extensive background in the fashion industry having worked with brands such as Tom Ford, Neiman Marcus, Coach, Macys, and by helping Louis Vuitton launch their fragrance line, Kaden is familiar with the media world. He has been in the boardrooms, in front of the camera and behind it with an eye for detail and an appreciation for quality. He has a bucket list of destinations yet to travel to, a lifelong appreciation of people and culture, a passion for fast cars, a love of retreats in tropical locations, a keen interest in architecture and interior design, he also enjoys cooking for others and celebrating just about every holiday.When asked what Beverly Hills means to him he shared, “When I think of the Beverly Hills, I think of dreams realized as well as endless possibilities. I see people who have risen to greatness. I picture effortless style and the quiet yet powerful confidence of people who’ve just got it. When surrounded by beautiful architecture, fine art galleries, some of the best restaurants, and the most beautiful clothing and furniture, this not only makes us feel the value of this unique city but also helps us connect with our inner value. You are a priceless work of art and when we connect with this truth we carry ourselves differently, we dream bigger dreams, we set better boundaries, we feel good in our own skin, we have more fun, we take better care of ourselves and we come to know that we are worthy of an exciting and abundant life.” BHL Magazine has no doubt that Kaden will make an excellent addition to the team. He has his ear open to the community, so ask him questions and make suggestions. He is passionate about life and all things wellness.
To learn more about Kaden you can follow him on instagram @Kaden, watch him on youtube.com/Kaden or visit KadenJames.com