By November 21, 2017Profiles


– 2017 Winter Issue –


This issue of our magazine is a bittersweet one for me to write about. So many of our features in this issue are ones that are very important to me. Alongside our stunning luxury and travel articles, our Holiday issue will take you on a personal journey… from celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of this rollercoaster ride that’s been BHL, to commemorating the passing of a dear friend and integral part of BHL’s family, Gary Applegate; to highlighting the premiere of my documentary The Road to Yulin… and Beyond, which has been a labor of love for me over the past few years. This magazine issue means so much to me, especially in light of the events that have happened in the world over the past year.

Our world has experienced some extremely devastating trials in the past few months and many people have had their lives destroyed or affected in ways I cannot begin to imagine. Many of us have been lucky enough to only have read about these, and to have tried to help in whatever way we can. The destruction the hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires have wrought on the world is shocking and the devastation created by the senseless tragedy in Las Vegas has left me heartbroken for the people affected. It’s in times like these that we recognize that nothing is set in stone and we can never know what is around the next corner. The only thing we can do is to hold tight to our loved ones, celebrate the good things in life, and try to give back and make change wherever we can. I urge you to reach out to disaster relief organizations and to contribute to causes that you believe in.

The people we’ve chosen to feature in this issue – Nicole Kidman being our highlighted cover story – are people who have made a point of giving back, and are trying to make this world a better place. The people I admire in life always have a philanthropic aspect and try to use their platforms to create change and make a difference. They are strong, capable, and compassionate. I hope you are as inspired by their stories as I have been.

The holidays are a meaningful and memorable time, with much to celebrate. We hope that you are uplifted by our issue, and that flipping through its pages provides a much-needed relief from the cares of the world. It’s important to appreciate the wonderful things in life too and to embrace them as fully as we can, as we never know when they will slip away. To me, that’s always been my family, my friends… and my dogs! My wish for you all this holiday season is that you’re surrounded by love, laughter, and whatever it is that is most important to you.

Love always,