Letter From Your New Editor in Chief

By April 15, 2019Interiors, Profiles


Life has a way of surprising you. You make plans, you have expectations, but at the end of the day you may be surprised what destiny has in store for you. That is essentially my journey with Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. I began my relationship with BHL 10 years ago as a writer. A couple years later I was asked to oversee the interior design conversation within the magazine, as the new Editor of this section. It was a great honor and privilege that after 11 years, I was now being asked to assume the role of Editor in Chief for this exquisite publication. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for this next step. 

For those who do not know me yet, I am Jordan Carlyle, an interior designer based out of New York. I am passionate about what I do. My motto is “make everything around me beautiful.” I believe that there is so much more that goes into design that most people never see. It is about adding the little details. It is about creating a masterpiece from a single piece of wood or from a blank canvas. My life has been dedicated to making the world around me beautiful, and now I have the opportunity to bring this philosophy to BHL. 

One of the most telling ways to get to know someone is to know how and where they live. So for my first letter as Editor in Chief, I want to welcome you into my home. I have painstakingly made this home my calling card, my personal masterpiece. Every detail has been meticulously considered. This is how I choose live. I possess the same dedication to my standards for design as I will for the magazine. I believe more than anything that life is all about the small details. I love combining new, vintage and personal elements within design. Creating a space that has stories attached to each decision, and allowing the design to articulate those stories is what makes a space personal. 

My commitment to you, is to create those same feelings as you make your way through the pages of BHL. I want more than anything to celebrate the legacies that brought us to this point, by highlighting extraordinary people, places & things. I will help create conversations inspired from the ideals that are the foundation of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. My desire for the next year is to distill every story down to its essence. 

Thank you for already accepting me as your new Editor in Chief, I am eager to hear from you, collaborate with you and see what we can do to make everything around us beautiful.