Loving Yourself First

By April 16, 2019Travel, Wellness

Not far from the ocean, the five star resort at Omni La Costa serves as home base for the guests of Premier Fitness Camp, an upscale program in Carlsbad that caters to the whole body and mind approach to living well.

Once guests are ushered through the arched Spanish-Colonial Gates, a lush landscape filled with manicured gardens bursting with burnt orange Birds of Paradise, it seems nearly impossible that the San Diego airport is a mere thirty minute drive away.  A Championship golf course blankets the vista from every resort room and world class professional tennis tournaments serve as the backdrop for guests’ personalized tennis instruction from the pros.

What sets Premier Fitness apart from most fitness resort programs is the impeccable individualized attention to each guest, focusing not only on the importance of nutrition and movement, but also digging deeply into each guest’s physical make up with comprehensive health evaluations. During orientation, guests learn their unique body composition and blood samples are drawn to further assist trainers and nutritionists to zero in on exactly what a guest could benefit from the most in terms of a whole body diet and exercise regime.

After outfitting each guest with a personalized Polar heart rate monitor and a welcome package, it seems only fitting that a day filled with cardio and strength training sessions ends up in the Chopra Center for WellBeing, the world headquarters co founded by Deepak Chopra and David Simon.  Amid the hushed tones of the Chopra Center, guests are expertly guided in yoga and meditation sessions.

Nights are then capped off in individual soothing spa tubs in private resort rooms in order to soak off a day’s worth of muscle training.

Though Premier guests have access to a 9,100 sq’ Athletic Club, the workouts are held in Premier’s own gym, where the trainer to guest ratio insures that everyone gets proper instruction. The workouts also extend to the unbeatable California coastline where mountains meet the sea at Torrey Pines and a hike gives way for a chance for guest to develop a sense of camaraderie while soaking up the sunshine. Beach exercise classes become more manageable with a view of crashing waves and morning strolls around lagoons and pathways take guests away from treadmills and traffic.

Limiting calories does not limit flavor as Chef Jason’s love for his work shines through each gourmet meal.  Seasonally inspired pumpkin breakfast bars and pecan encrusted salmon dinners make guests forget they’re adhering to a nutrition program and instead dupe the senses into believing that the dining room is but another five star restaurant at the resort.

High energy morning workouts give way to optional afternoons spent honing tennis or golf skills as expert guides lead guests with individual instruction to improve their game.  Warm Pacific breeze filled nights give way for guests to take relaxation to an art form, as The Spa promises an opportunity to experience oneself from a relaxed perspective. Massages and facials promise to bring muscles back to balance and the full nail and hair salon will buff the most serious athlete back to beauty.

Premier Fitness Camp at Omni La Costa promises a full package and it gets delivered.  Lectures, evaluations, training, cooking demonstrations, and coaching all add up to a high return rate for a premier guest.