Men and Their Toys

By March 7, 2017Luxury Life


Price: $8,990.00
Moto Guzzi is all about customization. This Moto Guzzi V7 Stone take on new colors and finishes, matt metal fuel tanks, metropolitan personality and inimitable style.  With their inception in 1921, those who know Moto Guzzi can tell you that their ingenuity, passion and style tell a story that you can either hear about from others, or write yourself. For the owner of this motorcycle, the journey isn’t about arrival to the destination, but instead in the pretext of the ride itself.


Price: $7,965.00
The preferred watch of aeronautical enthusiasts since 1952, the Navitimer 01 features a technical and original design, making it a true gem of reliability and performance. This legendary model is distinguished by its steel case and its black dial with a red seconds hands, silver chronograph counters and applied hour-markers or numerals. Its bidirectional ratcheted rotating bezel ensures smooth and easy handling of the famous circular aviation slide rule.


Price: $312,950.00
Sporting a 6.0L V12 engine, the Vanquish S has a top speed of 201mph, and achieves 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds. Add to this an 8-speed transmission, Quad-exhaust tailpipes, and revised inlet manifolds for increased engine airflow, it truly is the ultimate supercar that offers supreme performance feel and a truly unforgettable driving experience. The Vanquish isn’t just constructed from carbon-fiber, it’s also styled with it. The aerodynamic focused design features carbon fiber 2×2 twill front splitter and rear diffuser, improving high speed stability and accentuating exterior styling. The Vanquish S embodies a combination of unbound craftsmanship and power that comes together in utmost harmony.


Price: $759,000.00
The Beechcraft Bonanza is a single-engine aircraft that has been around longer than any other. It has been in production in one form or another since 1947. However, Beechcraft has also steadily upgraded it along the way, so while it is still an ultra-reliable workhorse, the most recent iteration has a higher-visibility glass wraparound windscreen and the kind of touchscreen-centric Garmin avionics that, according to JA Air’s Scott Fank, is the single biggest draw (of small-plane features) for new pilots. With seating for up to six and a range of around 600 nautical miles, take this stylish plane out for a weekend getaway with a few friends or family.


Price: $2 million
The Triton 3300’s versatility has made it the most popular submarine in its range. Equally suited for scientific and personal expeditions, the 3300 offers reliable performance in a quality, comfortable environment. It can take a pilot and two passengers to depths of 3,300 feet (hence the name), a depth that allowed man’s first ever encounter with the giant squid. The triton offers unprecedented opportunity to show friends and family the mysteries of the marine world. Explore shipwrecks, create amazing underwater videos or just simply marvel at the brilliant fish that inhabit the coral reef.


Price: $21,500
With their signature scorpion shape and outline, an industrial grade steel structure, tilting capabilities, integrated audio system and LED lighting, the Emperor is the future of high-end home and office computer work environments. The Emperor offers functionalities that enable the user to experience unprecedented comfort and quasi total immersion through strategically positioned monitors and accessories. This complete computer office is ergonomically optimized, with a minimal footprint that improves overall performance and productivity.


Price: $8,999.00
The Novo XT massage chair by Human Touch helps anyone from a seasoned athlete to working professionals by increasing oxygen-rich blood to tired, sore muscles. With over 34 auto-wellness programs, zero gravity massage, cloud touch acupressure, lumbar heat and Bluetooth speakers, the Novo XT helps to restore you to your natural well being. Not to mention the innovative design will serve as a conversation piece that captivates attention that would rival the sports car in your garage.


Price: $45,000.00
The Hasselblad H4D 200 MS is a top of the line camera from one of the most famous camera makers in the world. It has an astounding resolution of 200 million pixels that allows for amazing detail unprecedented in photography. The camera has a sensor mounted into a symmetrical multi shot frame that allows the sensor to be precisely positioned. Moving the sensor one and a half pixel at a time then captures six shots, allowing for for a 200-megapixel image.


Price: $17,000.00
This unmanned water skiing boat is controlled entirely by the skier. A six-button control panel on the tow rope handle sends signals to the boat, allowing skiers to start, accelerate, decelerate, turn, or stop the vessel with slight thumb movements. The nearly 8′-long boat has a three-cylinder, two-stroke 70 horsepower engine with jet pump and axial flow propulsion, generating speeds up to 40 MPH and creating wakes for jumps and other tricks. The boat sports a six-gallon gas tank and automatically stops when the skier lets go of the handle.