By April 10, 2018Profiles

Photographer – Taili Song Roth  |  Stylist – Neil Cohen

In a time where being silenced is no longer acceptable, my nephew has found his voice through his vibrant art. At 22 years old, he speaks only a few words, but his artwork has filled the canvas with all the emotions of his heart and soul.

I have searched most of my life to understand what makes a great artist. Nicholas exemplifies what I believe it takes. Hard work, failure, passion, empathy, tenacity, and joy. He has suffered medically his whole life and doctors weren’t sure if he would survive. Despite these incredible challenges, he never lost his joy. Art became an outlet for him several years ago since he could not have a regular 9 to 5 job due to a brain tumor and over forty thousand seizures throughout his lifetime. Little by little, his hard work, and what we all thought of as therapy, blossomed into an exciting career.

Last April, his first show in Los Angeles at The De Re Gallery gathered 850 people; a near sellout show and several large commissions including Kaiser Permanente. His voice, radiating on canvas, is rich and obviously speaks to many. Nicholas’ expression on canvas now lives in homes around the world, with his art speaking individually to each person who responds to his work. I am thrilled when I hear my nephew called an exceptional young artist, whose future is unexpectedly bright.

Nicholas has an incredible support system, something we all need in order to thrive, in any career. So what does the future hold? We all ask ourselves that.  What I have learned from my nephew is that that thought doesn’t occur to him, because he lives in the moment. He lives day by day, grateful that he can create. What a beautiful existence and something we should all strive for. He only knows how to live wider and deeper, and that is why his art is so exhilarating.

His third show just finished in his home town at the Heather James Fine Art Gallery in Palm Desert.  Works from his personal collection will be on display at the LaQuinta Art Museum April 5th through June 8th, as a featured exhibit. I constantly thank my beautiful nephew and friend Nicholas who has taught me the meaning of finding your voice. The meaning of trusting the process. The meaning of silencing negativity and a disproving and often judgmental society. The meaning of faith in God no matter the circumstances. The meaning of failing on your way to triumph. I hope you all can have the opportunity to hear his voice speak to you through his art…trust me, it will rock your world.