Q&A with Kim Kardashian

Big Style Means Big Business for Kim Kardashian

by Shauna Couri

Kim Kardashian may be best known for her trend-setting style and dangerous curves, but there’s more to this dark-haired, Armenian beauty than just looks. At age 29 Kim is lighting up the fashion industry and making a name for herself as a fast-paced businesswoman who always, it seems, is just months away from her next big enterprise. Kim skyrocketed into the public eye in 2007 after the initial airing of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” a reality show on E! Entertainment that follows the drama-filled, jet-setting lifestyle of her family. And while Kim can be found walking the red carpet and making numerous appearances in magazines, television and movies, this starlet loves fashion-forward entrepreneurial ventures. And we mean LOVE. “I’m a true work-a-holic, and I feel so lazy when I’m not coming up with new ideas,” Kim says. “I am a businesswoman, and I just love working.”

Kim is a self-taught fashion stylist who worked her way up to styling celebrities and then making over their closets, though that wasn’t her plan early on. “As a child I wanted to be a teacher,” Kim says. “I was very outgoing and followed my older sister Kourtney around. But I think I learned a lot about good style from my mom and grandma.” Although her childhood aspirations did not pan out, Kim is absolutely content with her non-schoolteacher career. “I just want to be doing exactly what I’m doing now. I love working so closely with my family,” Kim says.

Combining her styling talents with her love of fashion and family, Kim founded Calabasas, Cal. boutique D-A-S-H. “My store D-A-S-H is my first business. It’s been very successful, and I started it with my sisters Kourtney and Khloe about four years ago,” Kim says. The clothing shop was so successful that the sisters opened a Miami Beach boutique in May. In addition to providing their D-A-S-H patrons with the best designer clothes available, the Kardashian sisters are slated to design their own line of Armenian-inspired jewelry to honor their heritage.

Bebe clothing recognizes the Kardashian girls’ keen style and natural talent for fashion and is teaming up with the three sisters to design a special line for Bebe Stores for five seasons. The first collaborative collection will be available in stores this February. Even when wearing the most sought-after designer clothes available, Kim realizes that it’s the body underneath the designs that makes the fashions succeed or fail. And she works hard to maintain her perfectly toned yet femininely curvy figure.

“I’ve been taking a diet supplement called QuickTrim that has helped me get toned, but I also work out very heavily,” Kim says. Seeing the need for a fashion-forward and effective workout program, Kim developed “Fit In Your Jeans By Friday,” a three-part fitness DVD series that features Kim working out with fitness trainers Jen Galardi and Patrick Goudeau. Kim looks amazing in the workout videos that she styled herself, and she thinks high fashion and confidence are a huge motivation in the gym. And evidently her viewers agree — the DVD series has been a No. 1 seller on Amazon.com for more than six months.

Since every outfit is not complete without a pair of fabulous shoes, Kim founded her very own Web-based shoe company, ShoeDazzle.com, in March to rave reviews. This unique company acts as a personal shoe stylist to its members and matches users with customized, affordable and fashionable shoes every month. Kim is passionate about this project and says that she is excited about expanding it in the near future. As if that wasn’t enough, Kim is also currently working on a dizzying array of projects including producing her first reality show titled “Crisis Control,” gearing up for the launch of her first international fragrance this February at Sephora stores, coauthoring a book with her sisters, and … anxiously awaiting for her sister Kourtney’s baby to be born.

Kim says she tries to make some time for relaxation amid her crazy schedule. “I love playing different board games — especially Scattergories — and just getting away with my friends for spa days. I love to go to New Orleans to spend some quality time that’s away from my LA life.” But even when Kim’s on the road for a little R&R, she says that she always stays in touch with her fans and keeps them posted on the fun happenings in her life. “Twitter is the best place for me to connect with my fans and communicate,” Kim says. “I really try to have a good relationship with them through Facebook and my blog.”

The new year is going to be busy for Kim, but she says she wouldn’t change anything, “I love my life right now and can’t complain about a thing,” Kim says. “I am so proud of my family and that we all have peace and happiness — there is nothing better than that.” It’s hard to keep up with Kim and all her adventures these days. But if you’d like to try, visit her Web site at KimKardashian.com, follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/KimKardashian, and catch her hit reality series “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” on E! Entertainment.


What is the story of your first kiss?

I kissed a boy on the playground and then ran away.

What is your most prized piece of jewelry?

This heart charm my dad gave me. It just reminds me of him.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I’m an amazing cook.

What is the best party you’ve ever been to?

My mom’s Christmas Eve parties every year are the best.

Your skin – especially your face – is perfect like a china doll. How do you do it? Tell us your secrets! I make sure to take good care of my skin, get facials, microdermabrasion, wash my make up off and keep it heavily moisturized.

Where is the most amazing place you’ve ever visited?

Australia is the most amazing place I’ve been to. The weather, the people, the night life — everything about it is just perfect.

What is your favorite cocktail?

I don’t drink alcohol. But if I did, I’d say Kahlúa and milk. Tastes like chocolate milk.

What is your favorite hotel?

I love the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is so private, and the food is amazing.

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?


What’s your biggest pet peeve?

When people lie.

If you had one wish that was guaranteed to come true, what would it be? That my dad could be here again.

Do you have any advice for the new year?

Work hard, play hard and just be happy. Make goals and stick to them.