by Christina Makowsky

The Art of Lux Design

What was the concept for the project of Silver Angel? What was the inspiration or some special moments of creation?

Silver Angel’s concept and inspiration was based on one small Lalique piece, which looks like an Angel. I was very much inspired by the Art Deco period, so with the use of Lalique pieces, mirrored furniture, onyx marble, and tinted dark brown lacquered oak, we were able to create this beautiful yacht.

Why is the yacht called ” Silver Angel”?

It was called Silver Angel after my client first thought to call her Argento Angelo, which to an Italian has no romance in it. But the direct translation of the words are “Silver Angel.” After a lot of consideration, we decided in English it was a beautiful name for an elegant yacht. Having also found a Lalique piece, which set the tone to it, the owner decided he loved the name and so Silver Angel was born.

What were initially the requests from the owner? Why Lalique?

My client loves Art Deco, and he wanted something sleek, calming, masculine, and sumptuous. I have a great affection for that period and love to work with the exquisite pieces of Lalique. After showing a mood board to our client incorporating Lalique, we were set to start designing the yacht. With a name like Silver Angel, which gave us much to play with, it was not hard to choose the pale gray color scheme in conjunction with the very dark brown woods, silver leaf, stainless steel, and mirrored pieces.

Did you like working on the project? Were there any improvisations?

I loved working on this project. We designed and manufactured everything down to the yacht’s finest detail. Sheets, towels, bedding, cushion, fabrics, finishes, special plates, and cutlery were made exclusively for her. I was very fortunate my client had infinite trust in my taste and judgment and gave me full desecration to do what I thought best to create her.

What pieces in your opinion would gain the most attention? Can you tell us about some unusual or difficult moments personally for you?

I can’t say that I had difficult moments other than time constraints, which for someone creative is always very hard (but we all have to make our deadlines). The internal staircase was probably architecturally the most difficult on the yacht, but today, it creates the most “wow” factor. The detailing of the stainless steel crystal took us many weeks to be happy with the final drawings!

Are there any interesting and specific technical details to mention?

All yacht designing is very technical. I was fortunate to work with Alex Lees Buckley who advised me on many technical details and Nicola Fontenella of Argent Design who travelled with me to find many things for the yacht. I also worked very closely with our yacht designer Stefano Nattuci; without him and his team, we could not have produced Silver Angel. I spent a lot of time going to the shipyard to check up on the works and to watch a raw steel hull develop into a magnificent yacht!

Are you inspired by the result?

I am always inspired by what I do. On the whole I learnt a lot from having had this great opportunity to design Silver Angel, and when I see her on the water, she still takes my breath away.

Do you have a creative credo?

Absolutely…Art Deco!