By July 31, 2021Food

Every year since my family and I have moved into our home, I have had a garden planted for summer veggies. One of my favorite summer activities is walking through that very garden and picking fresh vegetables for dinner. This week I decided to try whipping up a fresh tomato pasta recipe inspired by a photo a friend of mine shared from Capri. I happened to have the very yellow/gold cherry tomatoes that the dish featured, so I set about trying to create my own version. 

Out in the garden I plucked a small bowlful of golden tomatoes, and some fresh basil. I decided to use Brightland’s “LUCID” olive oil with lemon as the base of my sauce since I planned to add lemon. I recently came across Brightland olive oils through a Facebook ad, and was immediately drawn to their products. They have beautifully crafted olive oils and vinegars that all have subtle hints of either chili, lemon or other flavors. I’ve been impressed with every dish I’ve made with their wonderful oils. 

To create this dish I used my favorite pan from Our Place, the ‘Always’ Pan. It’s beyond a doubt the best piece of cookware I own. Easy to clean and able to create multiple types dishes all in one pan. I definitely recommend getting one. It even has a handy spot for your spatula, which with a dish like this one, is a mess saver! 


•2 cups of Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

•1 cup Brightland ‘Lucid’ Olive Oil

•3 cloves of garlic sliced thin

•8 Basil leaves 

•Juice of 2 lemons


•1/2 lb of spaghetti 


Step 1 – Turn heat on medium and add olive oil to pan. Allow to heat up a bit and add in garlic. Reduce heat to a low simmer and sauté garlic until it starts to mildly brown (stir and keep heat low as to not burn the garlic). 

Step 2 – Add tomatoes into oil whole. Keep on low heat and stir occasionally while you boil spaghetti (I add a Tbsp of oil to my spaghetti water to avoid the pasta sticking together). 

Step 3 – Once the majority of the tomatoes have blistered or split, add the lemon juice and allow to cook down for 2-4 minutes. 

Step 4 – Toss in basil and sprinkle some sea salt into the sauce and remove from heat. 

Step 5 – Toss sauce into prepared spaghetti and serve.