By January 26, 2021Fashion

“The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart…and hopefully someone else’s” immortal words from the iconic Elizabeth Taylor. 

A scent has the ability to enrapture your senses, create memories and even help shape one’s identity. A signature scent can become a part of you and who you are. Suffice it to say, it’s not something to rush into, and for me it’s taken me all of my 38 years to find a scent that speaks to my personality and sensibility. 

I’ve always loved perfume. From a young age, I would go shopping with my Grandmother in Brooklyn and beg for pretty little bottles. Back then, in the thick of the 90s, Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflowers was all the rage. I can’t remember how many bottles of it I begged for. Till this day, I have lovely memories connected to that scent. If I catch a passing whiff, those summer memories of an 11 year old in Brooklyn come right back.

Years later on a trip to Disney World, I picked up a bottle of “Layla”, a Scandinavian perfume sold in the Norway pavilion at Epcot. Light and whimsical, I bring it with me on every Disney trip. My magical Disney World scent. Bound with childish wonder and fun, it transports me and my children to our happiest of times.

However, neither of these scents “speak to my heart” as Taylor mentions. None of them embody all of my complex emotions and feelings. For awhile I clung to the scent of Hotel Costes’ signature blend of heavy musky sandalwood which will forever remind me of dreamy, dark romantic moments in Paris. Then I had a love affair with the woody, earthy “Last Day of Summer”, from Gucci’s haute perfumery line, The Alchemists Garden. LDOS came very close to becoming my signature, with its subtle notes of patchouli and vetiver.

My signature scent came to me by complete chance, which makes it all the more special and in my eyes meant to be. I had ordered a handful of fragrance samples for a friend of mine from Louis Vuitton. He wanted to try a few, seeking out a new scent of his own. With the samples was one called “Les Sables Roses” which he quickly discarded without even trying. Out of pure curiosity I opened it and sprayed it. I was captivated. I have always loved the scent of rose, but often times it is mixed too sweetly with other floral notes that make it pleasant, but not for me. This one was different. It had the romantic beauty of roses coupled with the smoky woodiness of Oud. I swooned.

My signature scent, “Les Sables Roses” by Louis Vuitton speaks to my soul. It transports me into the rich fantasy world of my imagination that I love to escape to in the words of my favorite novels and in the images of my wildest dreams. It reminds me of romantic outdoor strolls and exotic trips to faraway lands. Secrets and stolen moments. It’s calming and engaging all at once. Everything that I want.

As described by Louis Vuitton: 

A timeless fragrance trail of rose and oud wood to taste the infinite desert

The desert possesses a singular magic that captivates travelers. At dawn, the sun’s first rays blend the dunes and the sky, night and day, and the earth and clouds into a majestic pink. Fascinated by the harmony that springs from contrasts, the Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has composed a hot and cold perfume playing with two exceptional qualities of rose and oud. Its simple, limpid script underscores the natural beauty and richness of two of perfumery’s most legendary ingredients. The freshness of rose and the woody depths of oud exalt one another, borne aloft by a warm swirl of ambergris.

Finding a fragrance that speaks to your heart, and those of others around you as Taylor says can be life altering. Realizing such a simple pleasure as connecting memory to a scent, fantasies to reality, is a truly sacred occasion. The unveiling of mine came to me, again, by chance, and that makes it all the more meaningful. 

Je t’aime Les Sables Roses.