Keys, cell phone, wallet, gym bag check…wait Mask! How I leave every morning before I head to the gym. Getting a good workout is how I set the standard for the rest of the day. I feel like I have accomplished something and have energy to get me through the rest of the day and I also am able to look forward to just going home walking the dog and having dinner and being able to just relax.

The most important thing to do when getting to the gym is making sure my bag is packed correctly. If one item is missing then it’s just a domino effect for what could be a terrible horrible no good very bad day. Have you got the gym to realize you forgot air pods, sneakers? The absolute worst and I love when I can see other people that clearly forgot something in their bag. You didn’t mean to wear Birkenstock’s or jeans for your chest day workout, did you? I mean you never know the gym is always full of characters. I have my 8 must haves for your gym bag. What do you think I am missing?


The most important and if I don’t have, I might actually just leave is air pods. Music is a must and also a way to act distracted if someone wants to chat or is giving you the eyes (also if you want to listen in on someone’s convo you totally can and they think you’re just listening to music)I do it all the time so much fun.


You need pre workout ready to go and you should take 20-30 minutes before your workout. So many different brands but recently I went back to C4 Ultimate in the icy blue razz flavor.


An Apple Watch or any fitness tracker is helpful in keeping tracking of calories burned. I like seeing my heartrate and trying to keep it above 120 BPM which you need to keep at or above for more than 30 minutes until you start burning fat.


You need your shorts and tank. Just because you’re going to the gym doesn’t mean anything will do. We take pride in how we look when going to work or out with friends well why not the gym? I always appreciate a coordinated look at the gym. Stick to solids so no matter what you throw in will match and look good you also won’t get tired of a sold as you would with a print. If your shorts are past your knees you most likely aren’t even working out. Show off what you’ve been working hard on.


An ab roller. They usually only have 1 max 2 at a gym and people always have them so I just like having my own. Ab roller is one of my favorite ab exercises that hit the entire core.


A band for adding supersets into my bicep and shoulder day workouts. Stand on the band and pump your arms until you can’t anymore.


Never ever forget flip flops for the showers! I am always so grossed out by guys just walking around with no shoes on. It’s so dirty and you 100% will get athletes foot so do yourself a favor and pack flip flops to shower in.


Last but most importantly is the bag you’re putting all this in! Just like I think you should look good and polished at the gym your bag is the first thing people see when walking in. keep it simple and black. I have a great nike that’s not too big or too small. For the fancier I love the louis Vuitton keepall 45. Perfect size and it’s made of canvas so you can really beat it up and it always looks good and classic. Now you’re all set for a great workout!