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If you are not taking care of your skin right now  it doesn’t really matter how nice your clothes are or how fancy your car is.

The focus right now is on self-love.

When it comes to staying healthy, men love to talk about fitness and eating right: we love to boast to other men about how fit we are and about eating the right food.

Yes we exercise hard and nourish our bodies with endless supplements, yet when it comes to taking care of our skin, we neglect even the most basic rules.

But as skin care is getting more and more popular for men, there is no time like the present to lay down the foundation of a good routine. 

The Covid quarantine has allowed us to experiment with new self-care products in an unprecedented way only seen in the past for the women’s beauty market. As most consumers are now online it has given the elusive male beauty consumer the opportunity to try new products.

But as with anything we do and expect results, skin care requires consistency. Developing a routine can seem daunting if you don’t know what to do or use.

Trends in overall skincare are centering around safe synthetics, natural ingredients and fresher skincare.

With the global men’s skincare market expected to hit $78.6 billion by 2023 and set to grow 24% in the next five years men have a lot to look forward to.

Now, get all of your skin, hair, and body care essentials in one place and here’s how you get started:

T H E  B A G  L I F T E R :



If you are like most men then you must agree that the first signs of aging usually start around your eyes with fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, crow’s feet, and even saggy skin. 

Adding to aging one sleepless night or stress or drinking, this very delicate and thin area is not very forgiving.

Boost your under-eyes, reinvigorate dull skin, and reduce the effect of hyper-pigmentation. 

The V-Line Lifting Eye Cream by Valmont is eye contour’s newest hero!

This cream fights against fine lines and wrinkles for a long term effect, while minimizing puffiness.

Its formula is concentrated with active ingredients targeting 5 key factors of youthful skin while protecting free radicals that age skin; tightens tissue for a rested appearance; plumps skin for a younger look; regenerates tissue to improve firmness; reduces wrinkles on a long-term basis.

Your eyes will be visibly lifted and youthful with a radiant glow. 

Morning and/or evening, simply dab product around the eye area.

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T H E  J A W L I N E 

B O O S T :

V-NECK CREAM by Valmont $295



A once firm jawline gone suddenly slack is one of the harder to fight signs of aging. That’s because the skin from chin to chest is as thin and delicate as the skin on your face, making it especially vulnerable to sun damage and the passage of time.

A true anti-aging expert, for more than 30 years La Maison Valmont has been perpetuating the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics and with this  rich and emulsifying cream, the V-Neck ensures visible improvement in three problematic areas including uneven texture, wrinkles and lack of facial volume by smoothing minor defects in the skins’ texture, filling in fine lines and re-sculpting the face contour. This cutting-edge formula, coupled with advanced cellular technology, unveils a transformed and youthful neckline.

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T H E  Y O U T H  M A S K :

Royal Elixir Extraordinary Mask by Perlier $89

Gil Soares Photographed for Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine


I get it, a lot of men write to me about this…even after you throughly cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize on a regular basis, that occasional breakout of acne or a blackhead can be so deflating.

We ask ourselves what’s the point of all this effort in our beauty routine.

Enter the face mask.

Facial masks have been a great addition to my skin care regimen by taking it to the next level.

Essentially a reset for your face, masks provide all sorts of great benefits for your skin.

The benefits of a face mask are multi-faceted.

First and foremost, it helps to clear out all that gunk and oil that is resting in the deep dark corners of your pores.

So, if you have a naturally oily or combination skin type along your T-zone, the introduction of a face mask will be a godsend to you.

Get immediate results with Perlier’s Royal Elixir Extraordinary Mask: an innovative anti-aging treatment that visibly smoothes, brightens, evens tone, tightens and hydrates skin after just one application. 

Enriched with the active ingredients of Quaternized Honey and the rare and valuable Waxplant/ Porcelain flower extract, it smooths, brightens, evens out the complexion, and hydrates the face within minutes, giving a visibly younger look.

Also facial masks are great at adding an additional layer of moisture to your skin.


S M I L E  F A C T O R :

Charcoal Activated Toothpaste by Acca Kappa $21


Let’s face it…your mouth is the gatekeeper of your health and the entryway to your body. 

It’s filled to the brim with beneficial bacteria that support your teeth, gums, and even your immune system. The artificial chemicals, detergents, and foaming agents found in many toothpastes can actually wipe out crucial microbes—and without enough of these good guys, you’ve got issues.

Hyperbiotics Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste is free of any ingredients that can have a negative impact on your microbial or overall health, including fluoride, Triclosan, foaming agents, detergents (SLS), preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors. Now you can enjoy whiter teeth, fresher breath, and a healthier smile without regrets.

Activated coconut charcoal is nature’s best purifier, and adding it to your oral care routine is the ultimate way to polish and whiten your teeth to restore a beautiful, healthy smile with zero of the harsh bleaches and abrasive chemicals used in today’s commercial tooth whitening products. This remarkable, pitch-black ingredient is derived from coconut shells and helps remove wine, coffee, tea, and tobacco stains gently.

Now we can enjoy strong teeth and healthy gums.

T H E  B O D Y  D E T O X :



Detox, tone, energize while you cleanse your body.

Fresh, aromatic and rich in intense vitality, Acqua Di Bolgheri’s Uomo Shower Gel is an energetic organic cleansing gel for body and hair, also for daily use. It contains ginseng with a toning effect, which stimulates cell turnover. It helps prevent wrinkles and moisturize deeply with the precious extract of grapevine, honey and aloe. It strengthens the hair thanks to panthenol (vitamin B5) and  releases an immediate sensation of power and energy thanks to the sunny fragrance of tangerines and lemons. 


T H E  L I P  S E R V I C E :

BIO LIP BALM by Acca Kappa $16

A soft and silky formula that protects the lips, keeping them moisturized, preventing cracks and dryness. Made from a rich composition of vegetable oils and butters known for their nourishing and soothing properties. The natural waxes it contains also guarantee the creamy consistency of the balm, giving softness and brightness.


T H E   B O D Y  T O N E R :


Gil Soares Photographed for Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine


So what exactly does a tonifying oil do?

Warms and relaxes your sore tired muscles and joints while it firms and moisturizes your skin.

An extraordinary combination of over 20 essential oils which act to alleviate muscular stiffness, Olio Strongful Tonifying Massage Oil brings a special blend of active ingredients which have deep dermal tonic effects to the skin. It is the ideal tool to keep and improve the elasticity of the skin, to tone up the tissues and effectively contrast the relaxation and atonicity of epidermis. Sweet Almonds, Wheat Germ and Carrot vegetable oils perform a nourishing action thanks to beta carotene (pro-vitamin A), vitamin E and F.

T H E   B E D R O O M 

H A I R :



Let’s face it, who doesn’t want tousled, sexy bedroom hair? And sure, we’d all like to say, ‘I woke up like this’ but the reality is usually a very different story. BEDROOM HAIR puts touchable texture, separation and movement into the hair, while still allowing you (or someone special) to run your fingers through from roots to tips – the epitome of sexy, bedroom hair with just the right amount of texture. Our flexible, texturising finishing spray delivers perfectly imperfect locks every time.

SPRAY. SPRAY. SPRAY: Apply to dry hair as a finishing spray for all-over body and bounce.Your new best friend from our STYLE/CONTROL regimen.

BEDROOM HAIR contains a trio of hero ingredients for natural protection and great texture. Camellia leaf extract protects elasticity, while ginger root strengthens and sunflower seed extract protects hair from the elements.

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