by Mauricio Umansky

A Culture Of Customer Service Excellence

When I refer back to this motto, and what it exemplifies, it all makes sense: true excellence comes from fully embodying the culture your clients seek and represent. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience The Ritz-Carlton “brand” on numerous occasions, most recently with my family at The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Vail, Colorado for Thanksgiving. Not only was I impressed by how the residences themselves are designed and decorated to the highest standard- absolutely impeccable and yet remarkably cozy at the same time- but I was also impressed by the customer service and ease of everything I experienced there. Those that live in the Ritz Residences in Vail can join the nearby members-only Arrabelle Club to really get the most out of the luxury ski experience. The staff members at these two places deliver nothing short of excellent service, which made my family and my weekend there, a truly unforgettable one.

During this stay, and during all my stays, I’ve admired how The Ritz-Carlton caters to a level of excellence that always surpasses my expectations. And it is a level of service that is neither contrived nor for personal gain, but true and genuine. No line is drawn between where the “brand” begins and the “person” ends, because the two have become one under the same philosophy.

Though no stranger to their legendary service, it wasn’t until my company began working closely with The Ritz-Carlton as the sales and marketing partner for several of their properties around the world, including The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE, that I fully grasped the foundation of their customer service philosophy, and moreover, how closely aligned their principles and values are to ours. What distinguishes The Agency and The Ritz-Carlton from others in our respective industries are two key principles: (1) fully understanding how those who engage with our brands live; and (2) providing an experience specific to those needs. In order to achieve this “Gold Standard,” we must not only fulfill what our client wants, but also anticipate what they want, as well as be a catalyst for the significant moments in their lives.

I love seeing on a daily basis how our agents deliver this kind of white-glove service to our clients. Whether it is a first-time home buyer, a repeat client, or a sophisticated investor, our agents are committed to forming and continuing a strong and lasting relationship with them. This may mean securing reservations at a top restaurant or a table at a hip nightclub, coordinating a car service, getting floor seats to a great sporting game when available, or even just opening up our collective Rolodex for any at-home services they may require.

It could also mean whipping around Austin, Texas in a Lamborghini Superleggera, like I did recently. A client of mine, a race car aficionado, had just recently closed escrow on a home in Los Angeles. Knowing his passion for cars, I invited him to join me in Austin for the Circuit of The Americas, the first Formula 1 race held in the U.S. in the past 10 years, in part thanks to my friend Tavo Hellmund. My client and I flew to Austin where we enjoyed two full days of racing and access to the owners suites of the Paddock Club, and best of all, we were able to travel the city in style thanks to The Agency’s relationship with Lamborghini.

It is in creating these kinds of moments — truly one-of-a-kind experiences — where the real connection is made. If you take the time to know who you’re working with, and what they find important, you are better able to cater to them. These are the principles that drive The Ritz-Carlton, and they are the same principles I work to instill at The Agency.

In sum, the very heart of what we do at The Agency is create significant emotional moments that tie an individual to a memory, which they will want to re-visit again and again, and buying a home is one of the most meaningful decisions a person will ever make. Through our in-depth knowledge and passion for both the client and the real estate market, our work is dedicated to making that experience even more memorable.