What came first… the chicken or the egg??

For that matter… 

The parents or the child…

The tree or the seed…

Religion or faith…?

Before we dig into these age old queries, first let’s start by discussing what we do know about these questions of our origin.

Well, we know that one cannot exist without the other.

You can’t have a tree without a seed and you can’t have a seed without a tree.

So maybe it’s not a question of what came first, as that question only exists in a linear sense, but instead, it’s a glimpse into natural cycles?

In this case, instead of being so black and white, we shift our perspective and allow our minds to understand the magic of the natural world: everything is in a constant state of movement, growth, change, and evolution, and we are not exempt from this.

An acorn is destined to become a magnificent oak tree under the right conditions.

And an egg will inevitably become a chicken if fertilized and nurtured. 

Then how can we as humans adapt our free will to get the fullest potential out of our destiny. 

And is that destiny pre-determined?

With Summer not quite in full bloom, yet somehow already upon us, the feeling of excitement and anticipation is in the air to recapture at least a little of what we feel was taken from us last summer.

For me, looking back, I see silver linings upon silver linings. And I know I don’t stand alone.

With so many distractions going on around us. The haves and the have-nots, the Anti Vaxxers and the Vaxed, left and right, black, white, yellow and brown, Cancel culture, and so much more. 

At what point will we stop the ‘blame game’ and face our own vulnerabilities head on instead of constantly defending our triggers at any cost?

After all, hurt people hurt people! 

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, fire with fire. Only together can we stop this cycle of hurt and pain, and stand as one, to put a stop, once and for all to all the injustices in the world. 

For millennia, we have been fed the belief system of the standards of society and not one of us is exempt from this.

Although those societal standards are relative for each of us and some of us may have had it easier than others from the outside looking in.

At the end of the day we all have our own unique perspective and story to tell.

The time has come to adapt our free-will to learn from each other instead of judging each other.

Just as scientists can now prove the interconnectedness of trees by measuring the energy pulses that move through the fungi in the soil underneath the ground.

What they call ‘mother trees’ literally teach the younger trees to survive hardship and thrive together as a collective unit, sharing nutrients and water, so they can all, together reach their fullest potential as trees.

 For too long now have we been pitted against each other for our indifferences.

Fueled by our belief systems that we are convinced oppose each other, when in reality, they are much more similar than opposed, they just come from a different point of view.

Do you think a cherry blossom judges a pine tree for not flowering in the spring.

Or a French bulldog judges a toy poodle for it’s kinky hair and good posture?

The sooner we can recognize our similarities as a human race, the sooner we can make the improvements that we all need for a sustainable future.

To finally realize that WE ARE THE SUPPLY CHAIN!

That we have and always have had the power through our free will and through our choices. 

Only together, as a collective can this be implemented to make a real difference.

As a wise man once said “Don’t use your free-will to hand over your sovereignty “

This is our fundamental right as human beings.

With this June’s Summer Solstice just around the corner and life starting to feel more ‘normal’ by the day, I’m feeling that collectively, our awareness has risen to a state of understanding our surroundings by being more present and accepting the direct impact that we have on our day-to-day reality, and the impact that our surroundings have on us.

Take the Full moon for example. You talk to any nurse or ER doctor, and they will say without a doubt, that the full moon affects our behavior. If the moon can move entire oceans as a whole body of water, and we are made up of 75%+ liquid, then comprehend that the moon is but only the eye of a needle in comparison to the planets and stars that surround us! 

This in combination with the steady rise of the Schumann’s Resonance, a measurable energy pulse frequency emitted from the earth surface, and the influx in solar flares and magnesium growing stronger by the day. It’s no surprise that we are all experiencing ‘something different’ within our subtle energy bodies. The more we tune into these subtle energies the more we will understand and integrate them.

As we enter into eclipse season again for the 2nd year in a row and more and more auspicious planetary alignments – some that haven’t lined up in some 26’000 years! I for one am ready for a fresh outlook! 

We are all ready to lead into the summer with a fresh perspective, more grounded and relaxed. 

More compassionate and understanding. With so much recent loss, there is a palpable sense of gratitude and comradery in the air, if only we choose to see it…

The choice is yours…

“Do Right and Fear Not”

Daniel Louis Baseggio 

Daniel Baseggio is a renowned  international Beauty and Color expert who has infused his curiosity and passion for metaphysical modalities for personal healing and growth working on his concept of “Inside/Outside Beauty”. Daniel is also a certified Akashic Therapist and Seichem Reiki Healer and an Oracle Mastery Practitioner.

Find Daniel on Instagram @daniellouisbaseggio