The Twilight Zone between The Seen and Unseen

In the past 6 weeks masking mandates began to loosen and life around us seemed to bloom and thrive before our very eyes. 

Bustling businesses, travel hubs and outdoor activities all exploding at the seams with a new found appreciation for the simple joys of being of service, in unison with conscious consumption.

Then the infamous ‘Delta’ strain strikes!!!!! 

But I’m not here to to talk about that today…I’ve come to the brash realization that this new strain is  just another prop, it is symbolic of that bully archetype at work, or that thorn on my side on-going battle with that one family member or business owner that just won’t quit…Distracting me from MY peace! 

Oh So many distractions! 

Part of that realization is the power I choose to give to these ‘very real’ and ‘very threatening’ distractions and how much I allow them to take my peace away!

No longer! I’ve quickly realized that that Peace, is actually ‘My piece of mind’, and that particular piece of mind, belongs to me. That is the piece of my mind that I choose it to be! 

So instead of all these current distractions, I instead “choose” to live in a world of Magic and dance the beautiful dance between the veils of the seen and the unseen worlds!

Welcome to my “Piece of Mind”. 

What’s yours?

Since the beginning of June I have been to a wedding in Nashville and a funeral in Florida. I’ve been to the East Coast of Manhattan to see the sunrise and the West Coast of Malibu to see the sunset. I’ve witnessed the Vortex phenomenon in Sedona and many planes, trains and automobiles in between!

With all this travel and retrospective lessons, symbolized auspiciously through these particular destinations and series of events. 

All this travel, evidently, was done during ‘The Twilight Zone’.

That short period of time between the convergence of opposites where the worlds seem to freeze in time, just for that magical moment where we receive a rare glimpse into the merging of duality as it crosses that threshold into its opposing seat of comfortable regulation.

In that moment we can witness unbelievable truths coming to life. Just like a majestic whale of the ocean taking flight as it launches its great body into the air above the water just for the pure joy of it leaving us breathless at the pure wonder of the world that we live in. 

Or the beautiful array of opposing colors from the brightest, joyous pinks to the calming vivid baby blues that come to their great meeting place on the horizon between heaven and earth dusting the palate of the twilight zone as our great Mother Earth takes yet another spin as it moves on it’s annual journey around the great father Sun and giver of life.

With so much wonder and joy at our disposal every second of every day I wonder…

Do we also give it power by acknowledging it?

The difference is…instead of it simply taking our power away, it reflects that wonder straight back into our hearts and minds feeding our souls to search for more of the same wonder.

So what’s the difference between acknowledging something that takes from us, versus acknowledging something that feeds our soul. I believe it to be a play on perspectives between what is physically seen, and what is unseen, that which we can trust, versus that which we can doubt.

To take this concept to a deeper level, we can access our emotional body. 

How does that make you feel?

Hhmmm…now we are feeling into the paradox of the twilight zone!

That which we mentally choose to trust, we give power to. Seen or unseen! When we apply our fundamental free will of choice to this equation, we are consciously co-creating that which we desire.

Let’s take this concept to an even deeper level. 

To fully surrender to our true vibrational frequency of our Energy body first we must release all of our belief systems to uncover our unique spark within the oneness of the whole.

This enables us to truly understand the concept of empathy and collective oneness.

We need to start to acknowledge our 4 bodies with better understanding and trust. There is an innate relationship interconnectedness between these bodies – only then we can begin to understand the effects it has on us! 

What we physically see, affects our emotions which in turn affects our mental, which inevitably affects our vitality and energetic being.

Why don’t we want to acknowledge this as a collective?

Partly because it’s not presented to us, instead we are presented with distractions.

And partly because it it much harder to convince someone of something that has trust in the understanding that they are being convinced on a perspective rather than a truth.

And that’s the difference!

Through the philosophy of language we can convince anyone of anything based on our perspective.

So it’s just a play on presentation then?

Are you being fed a perspective that doesn’t feel comfortable to you?

Have you even thought about what your perspective on life is?

How do you see the world around you and how do you want to be seen?

It reminds me of a famous quote In “A Course In Miracles” which states… “anything real can never be threatened and anything unreal can never exist”

What you create is yours, and who you choose to share it with is your choice. 

The classic TV series and movie “The Twilight Zone” was a play on perspectives in regards to bias…giving a racist the perspective of a victim of racism, or those that judge being judged and so on…. In this day and age, it’s  long overdue that we as a collective give way to judgement and confusion in order to open up to acceptance and understanding. 

Let’s start with baby steps by having the perspective to search and acknowledge for the true wonders of the natural world seen or unseen and holding onto them with 100% trust in the feeling it gives us! 

Now that’s what I call Peace Of Mind.

“Do Right and Fear Not”

Daniel Louis Baseggio 

Daniel Baseggio is a renowned  international Beauty and Color expert who has infused his curiosity and passion for metaphysical modalities for personal healing and growth working on his concept of “Inside/Outside Beauty”. Daniel is also a certified Akashic Therapist and Seichem Reiki Healer and an Oracle Mastery Practitioner.

Find Daniel on Instagram @daniellouisbaseggio