Treat yourself: you are worth it…

Am I? 

I Am, right???

This month I wanted to discuss a subject matter that will lift the spirit, so to speak…so when I settled on the topic of self-love and “treating yourself”, I soon realized that this is much easier said than done and it goes so much deeper than just…skin deep…

Are you ready to scratch the surface??

I AM !

Daniel Louis Baseggio…

Louis,  pronunced Louie, like the kings of the past, as seen in the history books of Renaissance France…

The difference is, my title is Mr…not His Highness or Your Majesty… 

Whether you are born into a title or born without even a name to call your own, what drives these two polarized scenarios so drastically apart?

They are both human beings, they both breathe the same air and can sense their surroundings the same way, so what is the actual difference between these two scenarios?

Position? Wealth? Family? Circumstances? The age old debate of Nature vs Nurture. In today’s day and age, we can only blame so much of our shortcomings on our family life and upbringing (nurture). It has more to do with our unique perspective(nature), than with Nurture vs Nature as two separate entities. 

It’s just not that black and white…it’s a combination. Ultimately the life that we all create for ourselves is our responsibility alone. The simple fact that no matter what position we are born into, it’s up to us to make the most of our circumstances, and really understand that it is the belief system that we have adopted that leads our narrative and not to get too fixed on any one set of rules or life direction that has been handed down to us to obey and fulfill. 

So…now onto treating ourselves… 

What are we actually treating? Most of us view treating ourselves as being pampered, quick fixes like spa treatments, massages, that striking red dress that we have been eyeing out, or that beach vacation that has always been on our bucket list. Anything to get you back on track, fulfilled and feeling balanced.

Treating yourself doesn’t just simply mean buying yourself something that you think you want. The physical act of buying things is just a temporary fix to fill us up, instead of actually looking at what we are “filling up” and try to understand and interpret how it came to be in the first place.

We tend to constantly distract ourselves with these “quick fixes”.

I believe that every single one of us embody this need to be fulfilled in direct association with our views on self worth. If this is in fact the case, then we owe it to ourselves to at least take a look at how we truthfully view ourselves as a whole and what our level of self worth actually is. 

What if we viewed “treating yourself” as more than just material gain, or experiential activities? What if we viewed “treating yourself” as striving to really understand how we process and express life itself??

Treat yourself to silence, meditation, or even treat yourself to a walk on the beach with your dog to decompress.

Have you ever been asked the question… “what 3 qualities do you like about yourself and why?”

Most of us feel very uncomfortable in what we view as “selling ourselves” but why? Why is it so easy for us to answer these questions for another, but not for ourselves?

First we have to distinguish what belief systems we have and hold onto. 

Our society is so fixated on comparing ourselves to others – good or bad – that seeing others with that which we desire only exacerbates this perspective.

Why does our attitude come from a place of what we don’t have, rather than what we do have. In most cases this attitude just promotes mindless, ego based consumerism for instant gratification.

To really be able to treat yourself, first we must acknowledge where our “belief system” stems from. Do we want to keep this particular belief system, or do we want to change it. Whatever way it shows up for you, let’s commit to it with confidence!

If confidence is an inner authority of truth and all physical attributes and material status is a product of opinion and perspective, then how can we merge these two to promote true self love? 

And what I like to refer to as “inside/outside” beauty.

With dedication to intentional based work, filtered through the subtle energy senses, our thought patterns can lead to our metamorphosis.

Now, this is my idea of treating myself! True transformation of self!

This intention-based energetic movement ultimately leads to the manifestation of it’s physical interpretation of that particular thought pattern.

Does that mean that Anything is possible?

Even ultimate self love?

Anything that you can think up is actually achievable through the laws of physics! This is a fact! 

What will you choose to dream up for yourself?

Are you willing to strive for everything you dream of? Or do you believe that you deserve more? More respect for yourself to want to look at yourself in the mirror, and say yes! Your perspective is your choice! Whatever way it’s presented to you, please don’t forget to…

Treat yourself! You deserve it…