Unsung hero: NANCY RIELLY

By March 26, 2021BHL Moments, Profiles

Nancy Rielly

In life there are people that transform, motivate, heal and are Earthly angels and yet never know the impact that they have on you or this world. Nancy Rielly is one of those people. For 25 years I have been mentored, loved and given a real life example of a pure and selfless heart and have absorbed all that she is.

At the age of 14 I met Nancy. She was one of those people who saw me for who I was and celebrated me for the quirky and awkward kid I was. I was a child that was afraid to be myself and she loved me through it with her time, her love and her reminders that I was loved even when I didn’t see it or believe it. She is the type of person you don’t realize you need in your life until you meet her and then don’t know what you did without her. She will go to war for those she loves and yet does it with a spirit of kindness and truth.

So who is Nancy Rielly? Born in  Hamilton, Ontario and living in Irvine for now most of her life she is a  wife to an amazing husband of over 45 years, a mother of two amazing daughters, a grandmother, a friend to many, a mentor to all who know her and has been an ambassador for health, children who are malnourished and many people without a voice. Nancy has been a part of the organization called NuSkin for many years and has not only lived the mantra of living and looking younger but has been one of the greatest ambassadors of how to actually make that a reality. Educating and giving people products that boost their lives, its a passion she powerfully speaks to and does so from personal and transformative ways.

With a love for wanting people to feel and look better, Nancy has taken it steps further by reaching out to people who don’t have all the opportunities to be able to do it for themselves. Giving of her time, money and prayers, Nancy has dedicated her blessings to helping people less fortunate to becoming healthy and able individuals, giving them a future that is brighter and more than they could ever imagine for themselves.

Nancy is truly an unsung hero. A lady who has truly healed and saved lives and never once asking for a spotlight or even credit for what she does. Like I said at the age of 14 Nancy saved my life. A little gay boy who never thought I could be loved, or even deserved it and she not only showed me by being there as a listening ear, but never left my side and to this day is a part of my life because of her commitment to those she loves.

Nancy’s commitment to those she loves is the result of thousands of stories of triumph, healing and transformation. Here’s to Nancy and to the spirit of love that she embodies and epitomizes. For a moment I hope she feels the effect of what she has done for so many including myself.

To learn more about Nancy check her out on Instagram @nancyrielly! See her journey for yourself and be inspired!

(Personal note from me to Nancy: Nancy, thank you for being a beautiful light in my life, for loving me at my darkest moments and for being a beacon of hope and inspiration. Because of you and your influence I can proudly celebrate my blessings and recognize how one persons impact can change lives. Thank you for the fun, laughter, stories of craziness and mostly for living your life out loud! I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!)