– Photography by: Tyler Bowman/Bowman Group Architectural Photography –

A lush oasis nestled cozily into the rolling rises of Beverly Hills, Villa Rosa is a sumptuous haven tucked away from the chaotic energy of Los Angeles. Designed and occupied by our Editor-In-Chief Lisa Vanderpump, from the moment you enter Villa Rosa, you know this house is special.

The walk to the colossal front door, ensconced as it is by wistful willows, takes you over a delicate bridge overlooking tranquil swans and a softly bubbling waterfall. The heavy plated glass doors lead you into a foyer that hints at the home you are about to explore. The romantic lobby boasts vintage mirrors and adorned chandeliers set atop carved stone bases; a flawless display of rustic opulence to acclimate you from the fertile front entrance to the elegant interior.

Just beyond the doors, the focal room of the house effortlessly ties the plush rusticity of outside into the contemporary feel of the architectural design. The sweeping vista of the infinity pool spilling into the green countryside is unimpeded by the walls; instead it is highlighted by floor to ceiling windows that traverse two floors. The flood of light, against the bright white and neutral décor, underscores the sheer immensity of the architecture and the stunning valley it inhabits. The upstairs master suite that is ultimately the pièce de resistance of Villa Rosa, is similarly unhampered by the structure of the house. The spectacular landscape acts as a visual backdrop for this blush and cream haven. It’s the essence of ultra-luxury from the instant your foot touches the decadent white carpet.

Villa Rosa’s décor seamlessly marries the starkly elegant milieu of a structurally contemporary home – clean lines, clear glass, graphic edges – with the bucolic romanticism of the surrounding Beverly Hills countryside. The home allows the dramatic natural canvas of the valley to be a pivotal point of every room – the vibrant and lush greenery provides most of the color, and the windows allow the scenery to feel like part of the décor. Complemented by enormous displays of fragrant fresh flowers, the interior design mimics this marriage of modern pastoral charm. Stylish touches, such as glass bar carts and silver chrome edges tie perfectly in with more rustic elements of stone planters and velvet chairs. The feel of the home is at once one of opulent romance and cozy comfort.

However, Villa Rosa is proof that the love is always in the details. From your first steps inside, it’s very clear that this is not just a house, but a home. The care taken to stitch unique tassels onto one-of-a-kind upholstered chairs, the white pearls that adorn the edges of custom pillows, the roses in bud vases on almost every surface; it’s the little touches that embody the love and care that Lisa has put into creating this oasis for her and her family.