The brush of golden fur runs past my zoom frame of view. Two Labrador Retrievers make their appearance by the names of Cooper and Wriley. These two attractive pups came to say hello whilst I was having a delightful conversation with their owner, Warren Cohn. 

Being a dog dad to Cooper and Wriley isn’t the only thing inviting about Warren. Immediately, I was embraced with a gorgeous smile and pleasant warm energy whilst getting to know him and his extensive background. As I learned about him, I quickly caught on to the purpose surrounding who he is. With his successful career as a financial advisor and also being heavily involved with charities like The Trevor Project, it’s clear that his passion for helping people and serving as a resource is where his fulfillment lies. 

Diving a little deeper into Warren’s story, he shared something so profound about his recent struggles from 2020’s quarantine to recently ending a long-term relationship and rediscovering the person he is…”I had to go through it to get to the other side.” The truth behind that simple statement can relate to anyone going through something by looking back to reflect on what it took to get to the other side.

Knowing that people learn many things about themselves throughout life, I wanted to figure out how Warren became so passionate about being a light for people when they might be in a darkness of their own. This took us back to his growing up and where he made the crucial decisions that led him to his accomplishments today. Playing sports like baseball and ice hockey and being athletically involved was a big part of his youth and throughout his college years. Also becoming president of his fraternity, Warren was around many masculine men but was struggling internally.

“Understanding and identifying who he was inside, he could proudly enter this new part of his life”



Recalling the years when he went to bed hoping to one day wake up and fit in with the rest of the straight peers, he finally understood over time that this wasn’t a phase, this was a part of him. Warren came out after college and fresh into his career life at 25 years old. Understanding and identifying who he was inside, he could proudly enter this new part of his life. Warren previously shared his story with the author of a book published years ago featuring athletes who come to terms with their sexuality. 

Now that I had understood his upbringing, I wanted to discover what he did next! In his pursuit for a career in wealth management, Wall Street had Warren’s eyes on it, and he went on to work for many different firms and now resides with the reputable firm, Morgan Stanley, managing a Global Sports and Entertainment practice, as well as a multi-family office International Wealth Management practice. Since his athletic background coincides with many of the clients he works with to this day within their sport division, he was able to be a resource for them throughout their careers. Guidance as a financial advisor and Global Sports and Entertainment Director, helps many professional athletes learn the important steps to understanding personal wealth and strategically positioning themselves for lifelong success.

He detailed the process of how young successful athletes accepting high-dollar contracts essentially need someone to teach them about saving and spending correctly. Urging them not to wind up retired with nothing to show for their success because they spent everything whilst they were young. Impacting someone’s life at one point can make the biggest difference for the rest of their life. This is where I picked up on Warren’s influence and passion for helping others, and it doesn’t stop there. Warren’s career and business also has catapulted within the Entertainment industry. Warren has been able to help many very visible celebrities, A-list actors, writers, directors and producers not just manage and grow their wealth, but help guide them on trust, estate and planning strategies, lending solutions, and basically the essence of long-term financial planning. Warren’s passion for both the Sports world and the Entertainment world are why Morgan Stanley is the perfect decision for where he should hang his hat.  Morgan Stanley matches his passion and desire and offers a perfect match, for clients both domestically and around the globe.  

Warren has been able to help many very visible celebrities, A-list actors, writers, directors and producers

Warren’s desire of understanding the struggle of mental awareness and being involved in gay and youth causes were the driving forces involving him with the well-known non-profit organization, The Trevor Project. When he first moved to Los Angeles, he began his involvement as a volunteer which progressed into him being involved with the organization for 15 years. Being involved with The Trevor Project stands as a wonderful contribution to LGBTQ+ youth that face 5x more likely to attempt or commit suicide than straight kids. The organization strives to be a resource for crisis intervention and prevention with a 24/7 hotline ran by volunteer counselors across the nation. 

With the magnitude of service in the LGBTQ+ community, 2019’s World Pride in New York City honored The Trevor Project as the Grand Marshall marching in the parade. I watch as Warren describes this inspirational experience as he glows from the joy that that memory brings him. Never forgetting the kids that would run-up to the members representing Trevor in the parade and express that they were alive today because of the call center at The Trevor Project. I could just feel the deep sense of gratitude and honor of representing and being an impact on a child’s life. Warren expressed there was nothing like that moment, but that moment was every reason why he is will always be involved.  He matches this zeal for give-back with other charities, including serving as co-president for California State Summer School for the Arts, and roles with Project Angel Food, A Wider Bridge, Jewish Federation and on and on the list goes.  

“I made my decision; Warren Cohn is an inspiration to everyone he meets including myself”

His heart beats in the helping others.  His intellectual passion lies on Wall Street and the machinations of money.  His drive was to be on a Global stage of the Sports and Entertainment world.   Marrying them all was his destiny.

I made my decision; Warren Cohn is an inspiration to everyone he meets including myself. I wondered if there were any roadblocks he’s come across in his life where he didn’t know the outcome of how to get through them. Acknowledging his divorced relationship gave him a heart-shattering time a few years ago and left him at a pivot point in his life. Warren revealed that he was granted the time to figure out who his authentic self was and becoming at peace with himself all on his own by going through each of the emotions and letting himself go on the roller coaster ride to go through it to get to the other side. He knew that it would get better and states that just focusing on the areas of his life that give him inspiration and his passions would all lead him to recognize again his worth and value.

Spending his time in quarantine over the last year in Beverly Hills working from home and taking care of his pups, he’s truly discovered a newfound person within himself. Growing into a purity of the person he is and where he sees himself going as his life continues to unfold. From his attractive personality to his contagious smile and character, it was truly a pleasure meeting Warren Cohn.

Photography by the amazing

Benjamin Paul Benoit