by Candice Chandler | photos by Sakosan

Anto and Berjo’s Wedding

Anto and Berjo’s wedding on September 9th fused tradition and luxury while remaining modern and unique, earning it the reputation of wedding of the year. Instead of an overdone hotel ballroom, the newlyweds partied late into the LA night at Supper Club. The old theater turned night club was fitted with a red carpet and the marquee above brandished “Anto Loves Berjo.” Supper Club was draped in black and white with a hint of light pink in flowers atop Alice in Wonderland-esque tables. Despite all the diamonds and decadence, Anto, CEO of Giantto Group, reflects on the important memories he and his wife shared with family and guests.

How was planning the wedding? How did you both deal with the stress?

Well, we planned the wedding from abroad since Berjo and myself are always traveling. We decided to follow tradition and not live together until we were married, so all she had to remind her of our new future was the key to our home and traveling back and forth to finalize the wedding. The key became a symbol for our wedding. We were so happy to see each other that when we did, the stress of everything seemed insignificant.

What aspects of your wedding made it traditional, yet unique and fit for Hollywood?

Once the formalities were over, the DJ picked up and we had a full-on party on our hands. We wanted our guests to feel like celebrities so we had a red carpet at the entrance. Supper Club has really high ceilings inside, and during cocktail hour, an opera singer descended from above and serenaded everyone with a few songs. We cut our cake with an antique sword and had a confetti blast while everyone was dancing. We wanted to get away with something super cool and different.

Avant-garde aside, what lavish components of your wedding did Berjo and you enjoy the most?

I wore a $68,000 watch and Berjo of course had her four-carat radiant-cut engagement ring valued at $120,000. There was a custom six-foot crystal chandelier hanging above the dance floor where shots of limonchello were being handed out. We were chauffeured in a Rolls Royce Phantom and drank Ace of Spades Champagne from our Baccarat cups. My tux and shoes were by designer Hugo Boss and Berjo’s dress was custom handmade by designer Krikor Jabotian from Lebanon. It’s not about the diamonds, though. Moments like these opened my eyes even more to the importance of what the concept of time truly conveys. Time is the luxury of life.

How do you feel about your wedding now that it’s over?

Was it what Berjo and you wanted? While we honeymooned in Capri, my wife and I kept saying how much it was like a dream. We both couldn’t get rid of our goosebumps. We just felt like “Wow, that was worth all the stress and craziness.” Everyone who attended made a point to tell us how memorable that night was. Looking back, it was exactly how it was meant to be.