By January 12, 2021Wellness

BHL Media is dedicated to sharing all levels of luxury. We believe that luxury is a mirror and that the reflection is different for every person. Over the past few years we have seen the importance that comes with not only having, but being the best version of yourself. 



In our pursuit to offer the best possible content, we are so thrilled to welcome Sam Leicht (pronounced Light) to the BHL Media Family. Sam is a Fitness Coach and Broadway actor who has created his own wellness company – Leichtning Health. In Sam’s words, his business does not focus on “looking your best.” Instead, he encourages his community to lean away from aesthetic goals in order to find sustainable health and wellness.

Sam says, “I focus on providing quality, lifelong fitness & lifestyle training to help you fall in love with movement. My goal through Leichtning Health is to make health and fitness accessible for all through not only free workouts, but also equipment donations to those in need.”



This is the reason we adore Sam and are happy to bring him into the family. He has a huge heart, and he’s eager and willing to share his knowledge! Welcome to the family Sam! Here’s to great content and an even greater man!