Beverly Hills Goes Western

West – Beverly Hills
By Alanna Powers

It looks like western style has reached the west coast, and the highest quality of western- inspired contemporary fashion and accessories has finally found its way to the neighborhood. West is one of the newest shops to call Beverly Hills home and provides its clients with a variety of high-end cowboy and leather boots, belt buckles, pocket knives and sterling jewelry accessories. But don’t call it a cowboy shop yet.

James Anderton, store owner and semi-designer, proudly assembled West to cater to the likes of a range of clientele, from those with wild west roots to high-end collectors to the Beverly Hills resident shopper. He handpicks items that will suit the needs of any fashionable man or woman that may wander into his 1,000 square foot flagship, around the corner from Rodeo Drive.

Being close to a “Rodeo” suits the right side of the store, which is covered in luxe cowboy boots, deep leather satchels and bags and heavy, studded designer belt buckles. But to the left are chic, high-quality boots, hand-crafted bags, hats and modern jewelry suitable for fashion lovers with any background.

The West vibe inside can be described as effortless and cool, with distressed decor, white brick and grand furniture. James and his team fit the same description, and It’s easy to trust their fashion input because of their own western-yet-chic laid-back style. It’s also worth noting that they all are ridiculously knowledgeable on all West designers; probably because they have personal intrigue in every item, and evidently because they’re usually wearing most of it.

West carries many acclaimed and well-known American and European designers, like Alberto Fascani, Sartore and Stallion, and carries many items exclusively. James has an outstanding relationship with most of the designers in store and even works together with and provides input for the designers to make and the shop to sell.

While the store is filled with noteworthy items, but the most unique fill the glass cases at the center of the shop. Knives, designed by William Henry Studio, are made with unconventional, tough materials like mammoth tooth and 1000 year old oak and finished with embroidered steel. Other worthy highlights from these cases are jewel-studded belt buckles by Jeff Deegan Designs and beautiful feminine necklaces and bracelets by Paula Rosen, among many other handmade, high-end accessories.

West has been in the golden triangle for over a year and has been fine-tuning its collection since. Shop online or in store at

9528 S. Santa Monica Blvd