By April 26, 2021Fashion

As BHL has always been in the mindset that women are powerful, beautiful, smart, creative, and the life blood of who we are. We have had two extremely strong and brave women at the helm and have always looked to them for direction in almost all we do. We love celebrating projects that empower, uplift and celebrate the power, the femininity, and the resiliency of women.

This photoshoot, spearheaded by our Women’s Lifestyle Editor, Maria Molino, is a prime example of why we love women at the helm.

In honor of spring and Pantone’s “Color of the Year”, Maria and For the Love of Details (an event styling agency) owner, Alkmini O’Brien, who acted as Creative Director, put together a team of women business owners to create a photoshoot that could be beautiful and strong and tell a story that is both in front of the camera and behind. 

In front of the camera is Maria, looking beautiful, bold, as well as delicate, with the florals and the Pantone colors of yellow and grey.

Behind the scenes you have a team of women who with hair (Giana Martino, owner of Industry Salon), makeup (Carolina Enamorado, Celebrity MUA), florals (Shannon Boryszewski owner of Fine Flowers), and photography (Brandi Grooms) all used their vision to create a beautiful canvas, that not only tells a story of spring and power, but of women coming together to create art. These women have visually created something that is both beautiful to look at and also shows how dynamic an all women’s team is when working together with one vision.

Inspired by spring, and Pantone and all itching to come together after a year in the doldrums with covid, they used bright vibrant color. “Yellow, representing happiness and sunshine was the obvious color for our ‘coming out’ after such a long time a party from each other and the world really”, Molino told us. The desire these women had to work together and have fun in the process is felt through the images. Its an honor to highlight their collective passion, work and individual talent in each picture.

Model: @simplymariablog (Maria Molino)

Hair: @giana_martino @_industrysalon_ (Giana Martino)

Makeup: @carolina.enamorado (Carolina Enamorado)

Florals: @shopfineflowers (Shannon Boryszewski)

Design: @forthe_love_ofdetails (Alkmini O’Brien)

Photography: @brandigroomsphotography (Brandi Grooms)